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  • Timothy J Harding - Satisfied this experienced rider.

    I rode this bike from CT to Montreal CA. Experienced cyclist needed a cheap replacement after being hit on my other bike. No significant mechanical issues. The bike is definitely an amazing starting level and even advanced level bike. However, unless you are a very experienced bike mechanic, you'll have hell assembling this bike out of the box. So allow your self either an entire afternoon leaning to assemble a bike from the ground up, or 60$+ to have a shop do it for you. Id also recommend upgrading the tires immediately. But overall I'm very impressed with hasa. Solid frame. Decent component package. Very very very worth the price. Better than anything else that I've ever heard of under $1000.

  • Dan Cavalieri - A great waste of money

    I bought two of these was was initially impressed with the design and manufacturer. That was until I unpacked the first chair for use at a convention. Behold, one of the position locks would not work at all. The chair was not usable as it always would recline with only one lock. A great waste of money, time and effort. I suggest you look for something better or that assures quality control of the finished product. This chaor was never checked for functionality.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Although this is a beginner workout, it has a nice pace and is easy to follow. I like th instructor.

  • Tara - Great!

    Caught this "Like New" from Amazon warehouse. Works perfect. Games look beautiful. I own the XB1, Xbox 360 and PS3. They all have their positives and negatives. However, I have my XB1 and PS4 hooked up to the same tv and I will say the PS4 looks better.

  • T. A. Breise - One of the best purchases I've ever made

    I've been playing with Rocksmith 2014 for about a month now and I'm already learning songs outside of it. One of the best purchases I've ever made. The guitarcade allows you to practice fretting, chording, picking, sliding, bending, scales, vibrato and hammer-ons/pull-offs. Learn a song mode teaches you songs note-by-note and chord-by-chord. And, the best part of all is session mode which allows you to jam with a virtual band that follows your lead.