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  • J M W - This stuff is great! Anything I have used it for it handles ...

    This stuff is great! Anything I have used it for it handles with you problem! It works great for our kitty throw-up! It is non-toxic and biodegradable too! Works on greasy stuff and sticky stuff too! Love it!

  • Nic715 - Disappointed.

    Don't get me wrong, this is a great book! However, it's the same exact book as the Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2015-2015 Strategies, Practice and Review book that I got from my local library for free...right down to the questions at the end of each chapter and the included practice test. I was hoping that I'd be able to access the so-called "included" online content that made this the "Premier" version which included another practice test and a 20 question sample of Kaplan's Qbank but even though it says on page XV of this book under How To Use This Book to go to http://www.kaptest.com/booksonline.jhtml, find the correct title/ISBN# and enter a given word, this book is not yet included as an option in that menu. Phone calls to Kaplan do not connect you to a human, instead you are told to send an email and then the line disconnects. I've tried both emailing and leaving a message on their Facebook wall but have not received a response. This book also comes with a DVD with a "Test Taking Workshop" and "Rules of the NCLEX-Living In NCLEX Land" which I have not watched so I can not offer a comment on it's quality or value. As I already have the Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2015-2015 Strategies, Practice and Review and can not access the online content, this book is pretty much useless to me and I will be returning it.

  • Richard L. Rankin - Problems, but doing OK

    Problems with NVidia GTX7** based video cards, had to add second power supply. If you can get your 2400 RAM to run at 2400, tell me how. Works great otherwise - using 3930K 2x240 GB SSDs and 2 1-TB Velociraptors on RAID card + 240 GB SSD boot. I use for data analysis and it just screams.

  • Amazon Customer - The product is excellent. The taste of the Wild Cherry Explosion does ...

    The price was INCREDIBLE!!! The product is excellent. The taste of the Wild Cherry Explosion does get old REALLY fast for me, though. I much more prefer Chocolate or Vanilla.

  • w bennett - Almost perfect

    This is the best pot for making stews and soups that I have used. It is very heavy, which can be challenging, especially for a small person, but it is very well made, with no surface defects, and a lid that fits perfectly. Perfect heat distribution. As long as you do not drop it on your foot, it will give many years of service, and you can pass it on to your kids.

  • laxmom - First one didn't work, Second one stopped after 2 mos

    Our first one didn't work at all out of the box. Amazon replaced it in one day. The second one has been plugging along nicely for 2 months, and has suddenly stopped working. We use it twice daily for our moka pots (now have an induction stove that won't take aluminum pots), but that's all. The light still goes on, but it doesn't heat. Can't return it now, so we're going to take it apart to see if we can fix it. Hopefully yours won't die so quickly, as it's a good little hotplate.

  • Corey - Awesome for my Castaway costume

    If you're dressing up as Castaway for Halloween, this is a must have. Everyone thought I was a caveman until they saw Wilson. Everyone just screamed "Wilson" when they saw me, it was great. Got nothing but compliments that night.