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  • jose medina - its ok... but i like clear sound, no sshhhhhshshshshhsh

    eehmmm its ok, the button ON/OFF its necessary, this little piece of s....ilicone is always ON even if the car is off

  • Hypatia - smells disgusting

    The smell from this cleanser is disgusting. How can there be so many positive reviews? Were you all paid? The smell is just awful! I cannot use this product. I think I'll use it to clean my make up brushes so I am not out of the money. Now I have to find a product that is natural and doesn't smell like the city dump.

  • Susie Q - Lifesaver!

    I was horrified to transition my curious 3.5 year old son from crib to big boy bed. THIS adorable clock matched his new theme (trains) and he loves it! He watches and waits for it to turn green in the mornings before getting out of bed and because of it, didn't get out on the first night either. Easy to use we love it!

  • Amazon Customer - Dr.Truman gave me D-HIST in 2005,

    Dr.Truman gave me D-HIST in 2005, it seems like I don't have Allergies anymore since started taking D-HIST. Works better than any other Drug I took since 1975. My Allergies run at season change worst for 60days MARCH-MAY,SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER! I don't even feel I have Allergies at all.. I take 1 Capsule a day 365 days straight for 10yrs..At times I feel my Allergies may be coming back 15to30 days out of the season and I will take 2 to 4 capsules a day.I take as much D-HIST AS I NEED. I took 6 to 10 capsules a day for 15 to 20 days in Feb 2005, then like a Dumb A-- I stopped during the Summer 2005 I FELT GREAT.and THEN September 2005 was horrible for Allergies. I had start over 6to10 capsules for 15to20days September2005. Never again,I have only missed 50days in 10yrs. God Bless and good luck.

  • R. Paulus - Love Zom-Body to Love!

    This is a super fun polish to use at Halloween, or year around. It goes on very thin, but dries extremely fast between coats. Virtually no wait time. I used four coats, which sounds like it might puddle at the base or edges of your nails, it does not. Even with four coats, which gives very good coverage, I can still vaguely see my nail line. Pretty shade of green, I would call it a medium jade color. Unlike Ghoulish Glow by China Glaze, this polish does not require 5-10 minutes of blending the "glow", which settles at the bottom of their bottle. This one just takes a little shake or roll and you're ready to go. A little matte, but with a quick coat of Seche Vite; it was nice and shiny. I was concerned top coat may block glow power. It absolutely does not. Glows like crazy. Love it.