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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Justin B. - Half price of other brands

    I absolutely love this cup and the fact that the lid and straw scam with that was a great Plus for a great price. Only downside is that one of the lids dont seal tight, which makes it difficult to pick it up from the top. I still love it and will continue to use that I'll just be very careful when I'm using that lid and picking it up

  • Ally - Replacement seat pads offered through other websites! Great seat.

    So we've had this seat for several months now and am still loving it! I have a Toyota Solara which is a two door, we have the seat rear facing in the middle on the 3rd reclining option. It does not cause a problem with the two seats in the front nor does it obstruct there headrests movement in the event of a crash. This seat has been a dream to install with the fact that the pad pulls up easy for clear proper installation. There is more than enough padding to keep your child comfortable and safe in the event of a crash and extended trips. With that said the pad can easily be removed without uninstalling the seat I personally use woolite to prevent further deterioration and hang dry. My daughter is 3 and is potty trained but refuses to wear a pull up, and I've tried countless piddle pads which were useless forcing her to sit in a wet seat. I however did find on Bed Bath and Beyond, that replacement seat pads for the Maxi Cosi 70 are on their website for purchase.

  • Andrew H. - Get to know your bathroom!!!

    To quote my friend Ace Ventura, ladies and gentlemen, "lend me your rears!" Absolutely everything you may have supposed or read about these tiny little gelatinous bears is 100% true! Like so many other adventurous morons before me, I thought that these reviews were over the top. My, how wrong I was. My buddy brought these sugar free gummy bears to work one day. I should have averted my eyes, but I was drawn to their beautiful colors and soft yet springy complexion. This paired with the peer pressure was too much, and before I knew it, I had downed approximately 40 of these delicious candies.

  • Amazon Customer - Lavender essential oil works better and is safer!

    Didn't help at all with dogs fleas. Ended up just puting a few drops of lavender essential oil on her regular collar and on her butt. Fleas were gone in just a couple days after that. Looking up online, an all natural cure, don't need to worry about my kids touching it, kills the fleas, and my dog smells great! Win win for everyone