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City: 34.1372 Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Ukraine

  • PaulN - Sony ICF-2010 shortwave receiver

    The release of the Sony ICF-2010 shortwave receiver was a watershed event when it hit the market in the 1980s. Although the synthesized design introduced a bit of 'chuffing' as the receiver was tuned its stability and ' exalted-carrier ' AM detector capability were landmarks which set the 2010 apart from virtually all other middle and upper-end shortwave receivers of the era.

  • - Great magazine

    Great stories, pictures, and voice for cycling advocacy. Gets into touring, and commuting, covers bicycling for those of us who aren't into spandex.

  • Simon Thornell - It turned out cheaper to buy a 40" TV and ...

    It turned out cheaper to buy a 40" TV and replace everything I own with halve size replicas. I married into a family of Hobbits and moved to Hobbittown in the west farthing of the Shire. I only walk around on my knees and I moved the sofa 3 feet closer to the television. Problem solved. 20k saved.

  • PickyPumps - Incredible lashes

    My hair seems to have grown faster, but it's always hard to tell with hair. My eyelashes, however, are thicker and longer than they've ever been. I have mascara optional lashes now. My nails are also incredibly stronger. Will definitely keep purchasing.

  • Wes Abraham - Best Value

    This is was one of the first things I have bought from amazon, it came on time and has worked flawlessly for the past couple of years.