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  • Jessica - It was only okay

    This was my first time experiencing Kava Kava and I thought I'd go a safe route and get something relatively inexpensive but seemingly effective. The product was overall okay. I really didn't feel totally relaxed and comfortable and only sometimes I felt okay after taking it. It kind of felt as though I took a sugar pill..not a lot happened. I'd like to try Kava Kava again but probably in a different brand and with a bit more potency.

  • CCR 71 - Bye Bye Feminine Issues

    I can't believe this isn't a full 5 stars! Honestly this is the best product ever!! Really my whole adult life I have suffered from yeast infections. I literally get them whenever I use anything fragrant, so no bubble baths, no fragrant soaps, & no smell nice detergent. I don't eat a lot of dairy and since I exercise actively I find that I get more feminine issues. And for a time Amazon wasn't carrying this so I had to find other substitutions and the first one I used was a dud. Used the whole bottle and suffered with it too. The second brand (Sedona Labs) was better but I find I'm getting spurts of my feminine issues around that time of the month. To me it's not really worth it if you don't feel a 100% normal! With this brand I feel so great! I NEVER have any of my normal feminine issues. I feel normal (oddly enough). If I do any of my no-no's I feel just fine. So I'm really happy to see this and got the subscribe and save. I'm finishing my bottle of the Sedona Labs so I'm not wasting my money, but this is really the best. I don't know what or why it works so well for me, but its well money spent. I do wish it was a little cheaper, but it seems like with any type of good vitamin or supplement you're paying a little more bang for your buck! Hope my opinion was a little helpful!

  • Sharon Sowders - Not a quick reference tool

    Too early to tell but I couldn't just flip to the answer. This will take time to plod through. Probably worth the time but I need the answers now. I went out and bought another book to fill that need. With respect, it will probably be very helpful when I actually have time to go through it step by step.

  • Ashley Lewis - This juice really is the Miracle Diet!!

    I tried this magical juice last spring when I was trying to lose some weight for my vacation to Mexico. My friend told me to try the 'Hollywood 48 Hr Miracle Diet' if I wanted to lose weight fast. I'm so glad I gave it a try because I lost 8 pounds in just two days!! With a little exercise and another 48 hr diet a week later, I was able to be comfortable and look good in my swimsuit!! I have been using this periodically to cleanse my body and I can't believe how great it works!! I wouldn't recommend doing this every week, but I think I'm going to start doing it about once a month to maintain the weight loss that I've accomplished so far. I've also recommended this 'Miracle Diet' to a few friends and they've all had fast results...however, one of my friends wasn't that overweight so she only lost 3 pounds in two days. Either way, it's still great for someone who needs to just lose those few extra pounds in order to look amazing!! I recommend anyone struggling with their weight loss to give this a try. You won't be disappointed!