ACCUEIL - AIR COMPRIMÉ PACA COMMERCIALISE, ENTRETIENT ET RÉPARE LES COMPRESSEURS INDUSTRIELS.Agrée Point Air Assistance depuis plus de 20 ans par CompAirTM (fabricant de matériels d'air comprimé).

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3292 Paris, France

  • options - A must have...!

    Absolutely the best toolsto getting all the wonderful things out of my child's nasal cavity! Make sure you child is okay with the sound of the vacuum WAY before you use this piece! Im just saying! It grabs everything out of there and it does it very quick.. my son still doesn't like it all the time but after he plays with it a bit and we make funny noises to keep it fun, he know he needs it to help him breath better... been using it since he was about 6 months old..

  • Thankful Nina - Great tasting juice

    This was refreshing. We liked that it did not have any added sugar and found the crisp flavor enjoyable. No after taste and not to sweet. Even better with churched ice. Nice way to get extra vitamin c into your diet.

  • David Brown - Don't be fooled by slick TV commercials

    Please do not be fooled by the slick TV commercials. When I purchased I should have done some homework. They do not have a service or parts department. After a few years the scanner bulb went bad. There is no replacement. Their solution was to offer me a discounted price of $299!! I have a Visionner Strobe 500 that is a year older and works wonder around the neat scanner. I purchased the program "FILE" to work with it. Better than neat.

  • Missy - This product is the absolute best!! We moved into a house where the ...

    This product is the absolute best!! We moved into a house where the previous tenants had ferrets that peed all over the place. It was deep into the carpet and padding. I tried 5 different products and shampooed the carpet 4 times. I could not get rid of the smell and was in tears. I bought this product because of the reviews and it did not disappoint! I diluted it half product half water and soaked the carpet overnight. Next day I walked in the house and most of the pet smell was gone. I was so happy... I shampooed the carpet with Kids and Pets and all the smell disappeared. That was 3 weeks ago and none of the smell has returned. THANK YOU KIDS AND PETS!! I am telling everyone about your product.

  • HairFanatik - Gave me a glow!

    I saw skin improvement after a week or so! My face looks healthier and I just bought a second bottle. Hair is looking better as well.

  • Amazon Customer - Overpowering lavender smell-am returning for refund

    I like trying new products for me and my family, but this belly butter has the strongest smell of lavender that I have ever smelled with the exception of pure lavender oil. Maybe I got a strong batch, but even after washing TWICE with warm water and soap it is still strong on my skin and my hands are very, very itchy. This is only the second product I've had to return to Amazon in years. Disappointed.