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  • Andrew - I can definitely tell there is a difference. I ...

    I can definitely tell there is a difference. I am a lot more articulate in conversation, and more thorough in my daily activities. There does seem to be a come down with this supplement however, similar to a cafiene crash. Not worth the expensive price tag. I'm gonna go with Joe Rogan on this one, and just make my own

  • Francis L. Moore - IRulu

    I bought this so I could learn how to use a tablet, and I'm learning. I've found that no one can tell you hor or teach you how to use it you just must learn it yourself.

  • Jeanette OToole - Very pleased with how well this oil tackles sore throats

    Young Living oregano oil was one of the first two oils we purchased (lavender was the other) some five years ago, and to this day, we've kept [both of] them in stock in our "holistic" home medicine chest. We've used oregano oil successfully for sore throats and swollen glands. (Consult your physician in this regard.) Remember, though, to replenish with a good probiotic (some hours after taking oregano; again, ask your doc for specifics), as oregano, just like penicillin, will kill off the good bacteria right along with the bad (or at least that's what we've been told). Here's a list of essential oils that will support your immune system this winter....... and beyond:

  • Daniel Lufkin - A nice everyday monitor that won't bust your budget

    Very nice product. I wanted just one for my new Raspberry Pi adventure, but I bungled the order and received three units. The image was so good on the R Pi that I used one of the extras to replace my wife's elderly monitor and returned only one. (The refund procedure was painless and quick and I could just drop off the return unit at a local Staples with the full refund credited to my Amazon account the same day.)