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  • Paul J. Hodge - Halfway there

    Disappointing. I was assured by the Tobin's Facebook page representative that this new version had been updated and all the errors had been corrected. They most assuredly have not. It's a great conversation piece for the fan events, and the info on the various spirits is fun, but it's poorly edited. And quite frankly, Dr. Egon Spengler, who said print is dead, would NOT advise you to go to the library.

  • David - Got rid of yellow jackets after three applications. Mixed ...

    Got rid of yellow jackets after three applications. Mixed with one gallon of water rather than two due to the size of our sprayer. I had enough left over to spray around the base of my house, which took care of the carpenter ants. Just one application, and in a week they were gone.

  • Albguitarman - First impressions

    I was looking for a product that could read MS word documents and ebooks. I am a musician and plan on using this mainly to display lead sheets while I perform and to have as a reader for ebooks and audible books. It looks like it will do both just fine. The "English" instruction manual is another story...I have NO clue to what it says - it makes very little sense, primarily due to the syntax usage from translation from Chinese to English. The manual is amusing, but not very helpful.

  • LIna Ortega - Great product

    I am a physician. I do not believe in easy solutions to weight loss. This product will not make you loose inches unless you work out. If you do work out and you use it with a neoprene waist band, it will enhance the amount of sweat that you produce in a targeted fashion. With thermogenic sweat comes in the release of toxins and the loss of water. I have been using this product for a week and I have noticed targeted shaping of my body and loss of inches on my waist. I definitely recommend this product but again, you have to put in the effort. I would also recommend that is only worn during workouts to prevent potential dermatoses and off course, do not use on open skin areas as you may end up with a skin infection.

  • E. Green - A great cup of espresso.. UPDATE 1/2/13

    There are so many informative reviews, like L. Hamilton's, that I don't need to rehash them. I bought mine for my girlfriend to use as I didn't like coffee. Everything I tried from Starbucks tasted like acid. Along with the unit I ordered some well reviewed Lavazza Gusto espresso bricks. Within minutes I loved coffee (at least the coffee I make). I have since settled on Lavazza Rossa as my go-to blend. Pure arabica doesn't work for me.

  • A. Lawder - I buy this game every year for my sister in ...

    I buy this game every year for my sister in law as she loves to play it with her extended family. Haven't had a single complaint in years and she always posts lots of pics of everyone "getting down" to the beat while playing it.