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  • Pilotearl - J.K. Lasser Is The Best

    I have bought the J. K. Lasser tax manual for years. It is the most comprehensive manual and easiest to read and understand book on the market. I heartily recommend it to anyone who has questions on tax matters, even to IRS agents who really don't know it all.

  • Meghan S. Howard - Sweet bike~

    My son loves this after his Lightning McQueen Bike was too small. This is a tad big, but he will get used to it. Also hard getting used to hand brakes instead of pedal brakes...

  • papermodelfan - You cannot carbonate juice with this

    I really wish it had been made clear before I bought it, that it is only calibrated for water - not any other liquids. I had an exciting afternoon trying out this Soda maker for the first time. It works fine with cold water, but when I filled it with cranberry juice, and tried to carbonate that, the results were interesting. When I removed the bottle from the device, it fizzed up explosively, and I had to mop juice off the walls, ceiling, floor and me. I see that the iSi device does work with juices, but you fill it about 1/3 less. The schnozzle on this device is not long enough to reach down into the liquid if the bottle was only 2/3 full. Maybe if we turn it upside down?

  • Rain55 - Great for Vista

    Only 4 stars because it's WAY too expensive. But it's uppababy so I am not surprised. Anyway, it works great for the Vista and is not too high. If you have to use the adapters (which you would have to for the Cruz) it would definitely sit way too high. But my son is 10 months old and he loves eating snacks out of the tray when we go to the mall.

  • L. Keefer - All Day Energy Greens

    I am working on my fourth container of All Day Energy Greens. I really don't mind the taste but some people might. It has improved my nails, skin, and energy. Also I have not been sick this year since taking this product. I am very happy with this product and will continue to take it. I haven't gotten a blood test yet to see if it has help my fatty liver. I bought my son a container of this product because he doesn't like vegetables and has high blood pressure and is over weight. My son doesn't like the taste of this product. Not sure if he is still taking it. I will keep you updated. I forgot to mention I am 67 years old and love this product. Ordering my 5th container. Having more enery I have joined Weight Watchers. When they say you have to move it to lose it they are not kidding. I have lost 6 lbs and counting. Losing 30 lbs. is my goal.

  • Victoria - I absolutely LOVE this shampoo

    I absolutely LOVE this shampoo! This is the best shampoo I have used by far. It does not dry out my hair or make it all wild and crazy. Personally I feel that it has helped my hair grow a tad faster as I see better results for my hair when using this shampoo.

  • G. S. Noble - For the money, it's OK, but for me there are too many issues

    This blender was a gift on Christmas of 2014. It is used about 5 times a year and for a $99 blender (the cost at the time), it works well enough. Let's get through the good things first then the reason it only got 3 stars.