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  • D. Henderson - Good moderate color

    We read all the reviews of this sunless tanner before ordering. We also watched several YouTube videos. Our experience with this product is that it does give a nice color. The scent is neutral for a sunless tanner. It did not dry out my skin. The color develops over a couple of days. We went to the beach for a week and used the product daily. Color did show up on our clothes and on washcloths in the shower. We did not have a lot of streaking issues but with prior experience we put a moisturizer on the dry areas around knees, elbows and feet and used a tan mitt for application. My advice would be to do your research and purchase the sunless tanner that best meets your need. Last year we used Tanceuticals sunless tanner. It tended to streak if not applied carefully but lasted longer, darkened quicker, and did not come off on my clothes.

  • Nicole Hart - Might take a little time, but it definately worked for me

    It took a little while to really start working, but after a month I suddenly realized I had less hair fall, and my hair already looked much thinker. Just a heads up: If you normally use traditional shampoo, you may have a transition period. Your hair may be used to dealing with harsh chemicals, and it may take time to adjust. I was "no poo" for almost a year before buying this.

  • jorge flores - Great!!

    Great product so far no problems with this product. I hope to update this review once I have done full extensive review on this product. I did receive this at a discount for my review and unlike other reviewers that give 5 stars even if the product is not worth it I do not do that. I shop amazon frequently and I rely on reviews heavily so I will always be honest when I am reviewing something whether I paid full price for it or at a discount as I want the consumer to get the best for their money just as I would hope others do as well, Please check out my other reviews and you will see that I am brutally honest in them if a product does not meet my satisfaction, for that reason I do not always get the best products to review but I would rather have people like myself read an honest review and get a quality product than lie and have someone waste money on a piece of crap.

  • britney gramer - So far so good!

    We finally decided to go RV'ing full time. The mattress in our RV was decent, but after laying on the old one for about 20 minutes, it felt like I was laying on the floor. After plenty of research, we came across the Casper mattress. I was a bit skeptical not knowing how the mattress felt and how long it would last, but so far so good! We have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now and cannot complain, the comfort level is great and getting this mattress in the RV was a breeze. I would highly recommend it!

  • parkyoojin - works well

    This Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is nice, it doesn't leave my skin crazy dry or unclean. I like the slight citrus scent that it has. My routine is to wash, then use a micellar toner, then a vitamin C serum, then some egyptian magic cream for my eyes, and then my high spf moisturizer. This facial cleanser is only 4 ounces, so it doesn't seem like a lot and I'm not sure how long it'll last. I only use one pump in the morning and one at night. I think that's the only downside to this, is that it's just not going to last very long and if I end up really really liking it, I'll probably have to refill my order every couple of months. Anyway, I still like it and have had my friend and sister try it out and they've liked it as well and none of us have had any poor or allergic reactions to this.

  • Mychal Miller - Great value, great product.

    After using crutches during recovery from a broken leg, I knew that I needed something different for my recovery from a ruptured Achilles. Of the options (crutches, knee scooteer, iWalk), I thought the iWalk would give me back more of my active lifestyle and I was right. I'm on the upper end of the weight and leg dimensions, so I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd be. Thankfully, those limits are a little conservative and I've had a little room to spare on the straps and plenty of stability.