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City: 18.8667 Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

  • Amazon Customer - Good stuff - better than the rest

    Excellent software. Will renew when expired. I put it on my computer and all of the little annoyances went away. It does a good job cleaning up the mess. I highly recommend this product. I have used others - Microsoft Essentials, McAfee, Norton, but this one worked better.

  • Amazon Customer - By far, the best Shampoo for dogs

    After a few months of trying several different shampoos, Keratolux has worked the absolute best, by far. After a visit to the vet he actually recommended this to us for our Boston Terrier who had demodectic mange and dermatitis. This gets an A+++.

  • happyrunnergirl - Excellent book for learning test taking strategies

    This book is full of excellent strategies for how to take tests...not just the SAT!! I would recommend this book for any kid starting high school! Really, the people who tend to do best on tests are those who understand the process...not those who regurgitate the information. When kids learn strategies, their scores will naturally raise even if they do not know all the answers! Glad I bought this, and will be using it for my kids in high school as well as the one entering in a few years!

  • M. Hyre - This armrest is a very good buy. It installs in like three minutes

    This armrest is a very good buy. It installs in like three minutes. It looks good in the car and matches my interior. It actually looks like a stock part, it has plenty of storage space and feels durable. It has only one drawback. It isn't long enough. Only half of my arm rests on it. If it were three inches longer it would be perfect.

  • L. M. Spurgeon - Love, love, love my Gazelle! Did I say I love it?

    I can tell you I love mine and my comment is legitimate. Now I am just getting into exercise so I am a beginner but it gives me an amazing workout. I am at 254 pounds now and can say that when I started I was at 276. When I first used the machine I could barely last 5 mins, that is how out of shape I was. I can now use my machine for up to an 30 mins but it took me a while to work up to that. I have had my machine for years and stopped using it because I was lazy and stayed fat. I am now starting back to my routine and loving it once again. When I used my machine in the past I had gotten up to being able to workout for an hour and I hope to get back to that again. I don't like to go walk out by myself since I am female and don't feel comfortable on our local trails alone. I would love to have a nice treadmill again but don't have the money for that. So this was my compromise and it works great for me. It gives me a good workout and I do sweat and get my heart rate up. I say if you want something to get started and don't have much money this is the way to go. But that is just my opinion.

  • Meg Stegbauer - On attempt to activate through Microsoft, responded with Invalid Product Key.

    While installing, the message was, "Installing Microsoft Office Professional Pro 2010" -- this is not quite the same program as Microsoft Office Professional 2010. I called Microsoft and the product key was not valid. I will be returning the product.