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  • Ashley Keeley - Very good facial cream!

    I bought this cream over a year ago on a whim. I used it only on and off because I had very acne prone skin and was afraid of breaking out.(I'm 26 years old) Then a couple weeks ago I seen a dermatologist on TV saying that even people with acne prone skin need moisturizer with oils in it. I also realized my face has quite bit of sun damage on it, along with acne scars and some fine lines on my forehead. I researched natural products that helped with fine lines, sun damage and I kept coming back to this product as it claimed to meet all my needs. The ingredients list seemed very good quality as some of the other brands started off with water as the number one ingredient. I went out and bought another jar of this cream from wal-mart because I didn't want to wait to get it in the mail. After using it for 2 weeks only at night, I've noticed more smooth, even skin tone, scars and marks are fading, my acne is gone, and I have a nice glow on my face. My husband even asked me what I did to my face and said "You don't have any scabs or acne on your chin, and your face looks smooth." When buying this product make sure you are getting the one that has the oils in it, as there is another jar that is oil-free. I use this product only at night as it does have oils in it. I am now going to get the Avalon Serum to use during the day. The smell of this product is very nice and refreshing. This 2 for 1 deal is a good deal and I will be ordering my next jar from Amazon!

  • Friend of the Truth - Loading batteries into the remote is a chore.

    Good picture but a couple of pieces of information missing. This set comes with a smart remote. Three people tried to get the back off of mine before having any luck. Place the remote face down on a non skid rubber surface (like a jar opener pad) using a similar material press down (moderately hard) and in the direction of the arrow on the back. Calling Samsung will get you nowhere.

  • G Messer - 5 stars

    Excellent quality. I am very pleased with this product. It comes exactly as described. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

  • Timothy Cook - Solid Program

    This is just an updated of the same software they have been providing for years, its very easy to use.

  • Wanda Chaney - NO MORE FLEAS!!!

    All I can say is YES, IT WORKS. My neighbor has outside dogs, and they got fleas. To get them out of the fleas, she brought them inside and did nothing about the yard. Next thing I knew, I had fleas everywhere. I walked out my door, and they jumped all over me by the hundreds. They got in my car. They got in my house. They got on my 3 kitties, and although Revolution killed them, for the first time in his life, my 13.5 year old kitty had fleas, and he was miserable and told me about it. Adding to my frustration, I had fleas, and I cannot use Revolution! With an old cat, a cat with seizures and a 6.5 pound kitty, I didn't want to do bombs or spray any of those dangerous chemicals. So, I turned to Amazon, and that's where I found Vets Best. I read the reviews that said peppermint oil is bad for cats, but it's only .3%, and it's formulated by vets. I have to believe vets would not do something harmful to cats. Others said the cats didn't like the smell and wouldn't sleep in their beds after being sprayed. Cats can be persnickety. Others said the smell was awful and took weeks to dissipate. While I cannot speak for everybody, I can say it smells like peppermint and cloves. If you don't like that smell, think about whether or not you want to put up with a distasteful smell for a day, which is as long as the smell lasted at my house, with NO fleas or keep having fleas. It's nothing short of miraculous. I put my kitties in the bathroom, sprayed the house, sniffed and thought, it's not bad and opened the bathroom door. Only one cat out of three, and of course it was my ultra-spoiled baby, was a bit disdainful. The other two dashed right out of the bathroom and jumped on their freshly sprayed cat trees. I had to pick up the baby and take her to the cat tree. Then again, that's sort of usual and may have nothing to do with the smell of peppermint and cloves. I then went and sat down in my favorite chair and waited to be covered in fleas again, but nothing happened. This was within 15 minutes of spraying that room. Two weeks later, I saw a weakling flea on my counter-top, killed it and sprayed more Vets Best. It's been over two weeks, and I've not seen another flea. My cats are flea-less. I'm flea-less. My car is flea-less, also thanks to Vets Best. Therefore, I'm here to tell you this is a fabulous product. Just spray lightly. You don't have to soak everything. All I did was started in one corner of the room and squeezed the trigger while my arm swung back and forth in front of me as I was backing up. End result...NO MORE FLEAS!!!