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  • Kathy Keller - interstitial cystitis fast relief!

    After a major operation and an indwelling bladder catheter for several days, I developed a chronic bladder infection which I cured with an old native Indian herb (Uva Ursi) and keeping my urine alkaline. But I was still getting severe bladder pain! After research I discovered I had interstitial cystitis (damage to bladder lining). I heard about others having success with serrapeptase and I chose Doctor's Best and prime shipping. There was almost immediate relief! I follow the alkaline diet and take serrapeptase three times daily on on empty stomach. Now I seldom have the bladder pain and no more urgency to void every 30 minutes...Now, I can sleep at night and not rush to a bathroom every time I go shopping. Anyone who has been diagnosed with this MUST follow diet recommendations...use Prelief (or similar product) to reduce acid in foods and research acidity in supplements. ( I now have to use buffered vitamin C. ) Will I eventually repair my bladder? All I know is I'm not going to stop this program (with Serrapeptase) for a long's not worth the pain!

  • Katie Tate - I'm terrified of dropping it?

    Arrived earlier than expected, and the forward facing lights make for great nighttime selfies with friends. Just wish it was a little more sturdy. It feels like if I drop it the whole thing will break.

  • D Rock - The Official FIVB Ball

    Weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Smaller than the original one. The surface has little pores, it feels really weird at first, but an awesome feel to set and pass. Not to mention the bounce it has to it. Hitting straight down has never been this awesome!

  • Cyclone Fan - Excellent Reference !!

    I've read it several times and plan to recommend it to my Physical Therapist.. The book was recommended by my message therapist.

  • Christian - Great wallet case

    Love it, Great fit on my S7 Edge. I been using it non stop and I would recommend it to others.I can fit a couple of credit cards and my ID. Feels great on my hands and it was not a bad price.