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    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 144.9544 Victoria, Australia

  • Michelle - Amazing polish!

    My new favorite glitter polish! Only really takes two coats, but I usually do a third for that extra sparkle. Love it and get a lot of compliments on it. It's the perfect accent nail and looks amazing on toes! (:

  • New Orleans Artist - Seems to be doing a great job.

    This anti-virus was recommended by the tech guy at my husband's work and we like it so much better than any of the other (well-known names) that we had used. It runs in the background, quietly and efficiently, and has given no problem whatsoever. Glad to have it.

  • Patrick - Best nerf for office warfare.

    Previously, my favorite Nerf gun was the Jolt, due to accuracy, compactness, and stealth compared to all my other Nerf toys. My stampede has a telltale ka-thuck when it fires, my barricade has that awful whir when it's armed, and my longstrike has the shortest range of any gun I own (which is sad, considering it's supposed to be a "rifle"). The Triad takes all the greatness of the Jolt, and multiplies it by a factor of three. It's slightly bigger, so it fits my hands better, has the same arming/loading mechanism as the Jolt (which proves to be the fastest shot for endurance firing where you have to relad), has incredible range for it's size, and handles firing out of a loaded chamber automagically. Sadly the only thing that's a disappointment on this gun is that it doesn't fire all three at the same time.

  • Kimber White - Great Purchase

    I bought this for my son-in-law and it was perfect. Exactly what he wanted. We had looked several places and Amazon was the best price and very expedient in getting it to me. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  • Patricia - Great bra

    I have several of these bras. It's comfortable, fits well, the butterscotch color is a good neutral, and it works with all my clothing necklines. The ones I bought in a store were wrinkle-free, but those I ordered online required vigorous steaming to remove creases in the foam as they are packaged folded in a tiny sealed bag.

  • WendyWidefoot - I DON'T EXPECT MAGIC!

    I find Neutrogena to be a dependable brand, but if it really did get rid of deep wrinkles one could not afford to buy it, because it would be magic!. I will just be happy softening the fine wrinkles (don't know what I would look like if I didn't use it).

  • tnitemare - Great movie!

    Always loved this movie, and I love John Cusak as an actor. His part in this film was perfect casting. The special effects look so real, and in Blu-Ray it is so much better! I'll never get tired of seeing this one!