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  • taylptrsn - Finally something I can stick with

    Fixed most everything I hated about the original, side buttons are amazing now, the build quality os as solid as zowie mice but at a decreased weight, the side indents are also gone. If i could compare it to anything it would be a mixture of the Deathadder+Fk1+original finalmouse. A few more things of note are that the scroll is not as smooth as the original FM and the top mounted dpi button is still apparent albeit smaller and harder to press accidentally.

  • Dalena - I swear on this stuff

    This stuff is amazing. I'm 23 and for a long time, I had chronicle yeast infections and BV. I kept having to go to the doctors every month for antibiotics. It was embarrassing! This might be tmi but I couldn't have sex with my boyfriend because of it. So I found this probiotic online, and I haven't had problems since. I used to take it daily but now I only take it after fun time with the boyfriend lol.

  • S. E. Barkley - Great Resource

    The Missing Manual simply has EVERYTHING. There is almost too much materials for a beginner who may have difficulty knowing where to look.