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  • V. Toniolo - Poorly referenced and full of pseudoscience

    While I fully agree with Donna Gates' basic premise that candida overgrowth can only be overcome by restoring the body's internal ecosystem (i.e., microbiome), I found this book to be nearly unreadable and abysmally referenced. Gates uses a lot of pseudoscientific ideas and a dearth of peer-reviewed work to support her claims (the bibliography contains nary a scientific paper). There is now a very strong body of scientific evidence on the role of the gut microbiome in regulating immunity, mental health, hormones, and general wellbeing, but absolutely nothing to indicate that food combining, colon hydrotherapy, acid/alkaline diets, blood type diets, and the like have any significant effect on human health. I suspect that people who do improve on the BED, as I am sure many do, do so primarily because they are avoiding junk and processed food, eliminating gluten grains, restoring their gut flora, and avoiding sugars, not because they are combining food in certain ways or eating according to their blood type.

  • Sunshine - Just Ok

    While it oiled the damaged wood on my antique dresser, no matter how hard I scrubbed (following all the directions) I could not get the water marks or white bits off. I used the recommended steel wool and even went over it a second time using a sponge brush (tried a few techniques) . The wood looks better....but did not hide any of the damage as I hoped...

  • E. Fowler - I have used Kaspersky for as many years as it's been out!

    I would not use any other program! Over the years I've used them all and would not go back if you paid me! Kaspersky is one program where the others are a group of programs i.e.firewas, anti-virus etc. Kaspersky runs in the background and does bot eat up RAM like others. It checks for new bad programs once every hour! It is checking all the programs and files on your computer every minute you booted up! It is keeping you safe . . . end of story! ! !

  • Lateefah Boykin - Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails 5000 mcg of Biotin

    It did not work for me. It caused my appetite to increase. I found myself hungry more than usual, and eating more. Since I have discontinued use my appetite is back to normal.