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  • Roberta - but tried it and have had great results. Yes

    I was skeptical about the program, but tried it and have had great results. Yes, the products are pricey, but these are meal replacements not just added expenses. At the end of the month, I am actually saving money because I no longer buy pop; junk food; and stop at "to go" places for meals.

  • Amazon Customer - Will not buy T-Fal again

    Every T-Fal pan that I have purchased lasts less than a year. The non-stick coating flakes off into my food and the pans are such cheap quality that the metal warps and the lids no longer fit because the pan is a different shape. Never buying T-Fal again.

  • Lisa Marie Pisciotto - I have always paid full price for these high quality products in my salon and when I discovered this wonderful vendor on Amazon

    I honestly have to say that is a breath of fresh air to receive these products at my doorstep. I have always paid full price for these high quality products in my salon and when I discovered this wonderful vendor on Amazon I immediately started purchasing these hair products at a huge fraction of the original cost. I could not be happier purchasing these products from this vendor. They come packaged very nicely and there are absolutely no defects in the merchandise. Thank you for making it possible to purchase my favorite line of hair products at such a reasonable price. I'm very happy with my purchases and look forward to purchasing more in the near future. Thank you again.

  • Amazon Customer - The cast is funny, but at times seem to ham it up ...

    The film was made very well. The cast is funny, but at times seem to ham it up in front the camera. Which can be a little annoying and just want them to move on to the next shot. Also some of the jokes were not that good, but I think the actors helped reigned them in. The editing seemed to help as well with some of the jokes. Timing is everything with a good joke delivery. The special effects were CGI heavy, but with some cool character designs and re-designs (slimer) I really likee how Holtsman's hair cut resembled Egon's hair from the animated series. A good little touch there. The plot moved fluidly and nothing to glaring in terms of plot holes. Overall a good re-vamping for a new generation.

  • Regina Campbell - This product is Incredible!

    This stuff is amazing! If you are looking for something to get up stubborn stains this is it! I had some stains in the carpet made by our dog. She had chewed up an eyeliner pencil and got it all over. Needless to say ground in black eyeliner pencil in the carpet stands out. Especially on a beige carpet. I purchased this product based on the look of the bottle, it simply says "Kids and Pets", I had no other recommendation. I sprayed it on the stains, waited 10 mins as directed and used a cloth with very little elbow grease and the stain lifted immediately! I was immediately impressed. I had to leave a review because I have never used a product with so little advertising to work so quickly. After today's experience I have to say I will be a loyal user. I hope this helps convince you to use this product as well!

  • gloria - Patience is the clue

    I was disappointed after reading the instructions because I didn't know before hand that you have to use this product for life or else

  • Max Rockbin - VERY BUGGY even with lastest (April 2014) patches. Screwed up larger font views for disability too

    WOW. Another year, another absurdly buggy version of QuickBooks. This reflects my own experience. Yours may very.