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  • Terry C. Ashby - Great action flick with impailings galore.

    This was a great movie. Whatever you say about Dwayne Johnson, whether in ancient Greece or in the NWA; he can positively kick some ass. These reviewers who rated the movie a 1 star because it wasn't completely congruent with the trailer are imbeciles. If you have Dwane Johnson in a movie where he is the strongest man on earth, then plot really becomes secondary.

  • VAMommy5633 - Great for people with sensitive skin

    I used to buy this occasinally at the overpriced organic market. Found it on amazon and am so happy because the price now makes if easier to use for my entire family. My husband is requesting refills and my kids don't cry when I rinse their hair. We all have eczema and this doesn't irritate our skin either.

  • elissa - Amazing study guide for Pharmacy tech exam

    I ordered this product as my daughter is a senior in high school but is dually enrolled in votech and has to take her pharmacy exam at the end of the school year so she can be a licensed Pharmacy tech whiile she is in school to be a Pharmacist. She was jumping up and down literally after getting this book because she has all year to practice the material and hopefully pass on her first try.

  • Amazon Customer - More Intuit Fraud

    Intuit will not activate this product unless you provide a valid credit card number and sign up for auto-renewal of the payroll service. While they say you can cancel the service, it can't be done until after you have provided credit card info. To require credit card info after one has legally purchased a product is tantamount to fraud. I don't want my credit card info sitting in Intuit's database.

  • Boomer - Read Before Reading After

    Although entitled 'After' it would be more accurately identified as 'Before' and 'After.' The transition between now and back then takes you up to the end of the storyline but by then you already know that the Before has already been addressed in the After. Still with me? Otherwise a well written novel even Before and also Afteer.