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  • be obnoxious - did not see any changes

    bought a 2 month supply of this and did not see any changes. I was working out while taking this product and I think the gym was sculpting my rear not these pills. They did make me want to snack a lot though. Overall..Do not buy, scam!

  • Sheri - Thin and not much information

    Not much to this book and it's super thin. It did have a few really good key points, but overall I wasn't too thrilled about this after receiving it.

  • Goo Goo - Works like magic...seriously.

    My feet have a tendency to get calloused, and it's pretty difficult to get rid of the dead skin that develops on the heels. Scrubs are great for light exfoliation, but anyone with dry, cracked heels will tell you that even the most luxurious scrubs do nothing in that department. I was skeptical when I ordered Baby Foot, but the slew of good reviews on Amazon - as well as a few on Buzzfeed - prompted me to give it a whirl. At only $20 bucks, I figured it wasn't that much of a risk. Boy am I glad I tried it! Read on...

  • Keith - I am so frustrated with this software. While I ...

    I am so frustrated with this software. While I was able to complete the full tax return information, most of the popups with "more information" links did not work, and most importantly, the state software, which was supposed to be included in the Ultimate Bundle I purchased would not register/download. After a half hour plus on hold with TaxACT customer, I was told they could do nothing to help me, and that I would need to contact Amazon for a refund, and then buy the software directly from them. They told me that the problem is with Amazon and not them, even though the software I purchased form Amazon was TaxACT software, and I had absolutely no problem with the Amazon download, but only with the TaxACT software once it was downloaded. I did contact Amazon, where customer service still matters, and I was able to get my money back, but I will not be buying anything directly from TaxACT, and will not be doing business with them again. I will go with someone else with software that works, even if it means entering everything over from scratch. I was expecting that the software wouldn't be of the same quality as the more expensive options, and I was willing to deal with a little more frustration to save the money, but I did expect that I would actually be able to download all of the software I that I purchased, and that it would actually work as advertised.

  • J. Courant - #1 for a reason

    This is the best selling set of wrenches on Amazon and I can clearly see why. The price is great and the actual product is too. The wrenches are well made and labelled and even come in a great roll-up case. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • Patricia - these pills fixed my blood issues!!! I ...

    these pills fixed my blood issues!!! I was diagnosed (3 years ago) with an autoimmune disease, which i no longer have... or at least hasnt appeared . i really trust in these products!