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  • joseph maese - Average at this point

    I purchased my first bag last year and had weak coverage, resulting in seeding with a different product. I purchased another bag this year. It's been two months (roughly) and I have had the same results. I make my own lawn soil out of manure, compost(coffee GRINDS from my coffee vendor, and mulch from my yard), and I have my soil tested by a nearby university. Usually, other grass brands begin growing within two weeks, and is thick by now. I fed the lawn with turf builder last week and am awaiting results. At this point, I am disappointed. I rated the product average because I am picky with my yard, and this product has so far proven to be comparable to cheaper products.

  • V70ARR - Finally something small and not in the way.

    Stock OEM antenna broke off of our 2011 Sienna SE. Hit the internet and found this bad boy. We live in the suburbs so reception is pretty good. We hardly use FM, but when I tested it out in the garage and in the neighborhood, it did pick up all the stations we listen too. I haven't tried it on a long trip or anything, but it workd. And it's a SOLID piece of equipment. It's not flimsy like a whip antenna, this thing is stout and pretty solid. For the money, it's worth taking a shot at it!

  • Scarlett Ying - Don't trust the "guarantee"

    It is a useful study tool. As other reviews have stated, there are a couple of mistakes here and there, particularly in spelling. There are discrepancies between what this book says and a couple of online sources I have found. E.g. if a drug expires 03/2016, this book says it expires 03/01/2016 while other sources say it expires 03/31/2016. If you are buying this book to study from only, I highly recommend getting a second book or using other resources. I didn't take any classes and after taking just one practice test from a website, this book is making me question some of the things I read in it.

  • Matt Brand - Good, if not a little overboard.

    Decent software, it defeintly keeps the viruses out. However, it is very annoying when it flags things that are not viruses (which all Antiviruses do) such as Spotify, PowerDVD, etc.. and I have to add them as an exception. These are generally fixed in an update, however they get borked again within a few days.

  • Super Mum - "Tell me what you want to do..." makes Office so much easier...

    Microsoft Office has been around since the ancient times (around 1990) and every few years they decide to update it... sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. This year, the biggest changes, in my opinion, are the addition of two features:

  • Keith - nice bike

    When the bicycle arrived, way sooner than anticipated, I was amazed at how easy it was to put together. I had it done in about 20 minutes. I ordered the 22" extra tall bike, and that is exactly what I got. I was surprised at the height, and I love it. It shifts smooth, both up, and down, and the front derailleur, works just as smooth as the back does. With both wheels having the disk brakes, the ease of stopping is amazing, and smooth. The seat seems a little hard, but, I haven't rode for a couple of years, so I am sure that I will get accustomed to it. It is a wonderful bike, and, the miles seem to just fall behind riding it. I highly recommend this bike to all who love to feel the wind in their face. Thank you.

  • Quality review - Solid kitchen staple, gluten free

    This was a fantastic buy in early 2013 at $16.00 plus a couple for shipping. Great tasting products, as close to home-made as you can get, and gluten free! I hope the current price of $29.00 drops to make it affordable again.