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  • lizaliz86 - Tastes so bad :(

    I really wanted to love this... but it's so gross. I love the VegaOne shakes and I wanted to try this brand out for the Cookies N Cream and even with added milk and bananas it's near impossible to put down :( So sad! I bought a huge thing too!

  • Michael B - Times have really changed when the word "STUBBY" now means "looks smart and is functional!"

    My vehicle is only about 7 months old.The thought of removing factory equipment of any kind from a vehicle is a pretty scary thought to me--even though I'm pretty handy.I did read some of the product reviews of this item which indicated that removal of the existing antenna and installation of this Stubby antenna was a breeze.If you're like me,after you remove the factory antenna on the roof,you'll see a male lead protruding and even in the Stubby product's ad,it's pretty easy to see that "its" connect is "also" male.Usually...that would be a "no go;" however,the Stubby's male connect goes inside of the (in my case:Chevy Equinox) vehicle's male connect--the factory antenna connect is threaded both inside and out.If anyone is a good candidate to write this product review,it would be me as I live in an area that has difficulty getting 100% great reception of one radio station.If I drive a mere 5 miles south or east,I have no problems getting that radio station's signals.My original equipment antenna gave me this "same" level of reception.I would have to say that this Stubby antenna gave about the same reception as the antenna that the vehicle came with--only now I won't have to worry as much going through car washes and it really does look much smarter,more stylish,and modern.

  • Joosby C. - upgrade on performance vs n66u, ac66u---But - Updated vs r7000

    10/11/13 UPDATE : Received router on 10/8 and review was written with 1st day experiences, I ranked it a 5 star purchase at the time. I'll leave that review intact as a basis of the overall experience but will add a brief update first and my score is going to go down based off of that. since first day, I have started to notice diminished performance that gets alleviated with reboots, obviously not ideal though. Others are reporting degrading signal strength over time on the 5ghz band too. It feels like a fw update could fix it but it's a lot to pay for a hope and a prayer. This sent me to test out the r7000 so today I tried out the netgear r7000 to compare/contrast. tested via ipad4 and iphone 5s at distances of ~40 feet, ~65 feet, and ~85 feet all on the 5ghz band. In general, the ac68u was 10-20 mbps faster then the r7000 on downstream, at times a few mbps faster on the uploads. at the furthest distance, the ac68u was upwards of 30mbps better although i'll note, the iphone 5s connection at that distance was fairly sporadic for both routers. At times could get decent speeds, at times couldn't get connected so I went to the 2.4 band on the 5s and on average kept a decent connection but not great and the ac68u frankly had a pronounced speed advantage on the 2.4 band here. Not all roses hence why I have dinged the router a star though. On average, the r7000 was noticeably more consistent with its speeds at each distance while the ac68u had wilder fluctuations in either direction. 20mbps better on one reading, 40 worse on another. In my rankings, I tried to show what they got on the high end of results but the ac68u definitely had moments well below as well. It was easier to assess what the r7000 was going to give me, it typically differed in results by 3-5 mbps. At this point I'm torn, not sure what to do. On one hand, the ac68u is giving me better speeds at longer distances, something anyone would want. On the other hand, the signal may be degrading over time and the speeds are not as consistent as the r7000(frankly, these issues may be related). With the netgear, it seemed more reliable and while the speeds are not as high as the ac68u, its still more then good enuf and close enuf to the ac68u. But conversely, it doesn't give me the range I wanted that had me upgrading in the first place. I may sit on this for a few days and pray a asus fw is coming within that time. Either way, I've dropped 1 star and not 2 mainly because while its not the hero I once thought it was, at its diminished moments, its still better then what I got out of the rt-n66u, the router that the following review will tell you, was my previous champ over the ac66u.

  • AUBrown07 - Not the best bang for your buck

    Interesting shoe......I don't think it's as gr8 as everyone made it out to be. I've run in them.pretty much every day since the day I bought em which was a couple of weeks ago. The rubber on the bottom is thinning already. Expensive shoes, not all the way worth it. I've gotten way more from cheaper shoes. Impulse buy.

  • Uncle Richi - Upgrade does not work

    I am upgrading from the 2008 edition with a single defalut instance on windows 7. I run the systems configuration checker and no issues were found. Then I select "upgrade from sql..." on the installation tab and it seems to go through the same checks and they all pass. As the installation proceeds I get reporting services conectivitiy errors saying something about compatability level, collation which are bogus cause its a 2008 repoting services db and the collation is the default. So I figure it's because the service isn't running so I start it and the installation proceeds. Next I get a message box which says the name is in use but does not tell you what the name is. Some 2-3 hours later, I get failures at the end because the mssqlserver, default instance is in use. Well of course it is, I'm upgrading. I don't want to create another instance. I want to use the default. I found that I was able to run 2012 and it had the user dbs under the mssqlserver instance. The install seemed to remove most but not all of 2008. So I removed it manually and I think I ran a repair afterwards. I have so far an unresolved issue where although I am able to deploy and run reports using the web page, I am unable to run reportmanager. Data Quality services requires an additional step after the install of clicking on a short-cut to complete the install. Master data services requires that the iis be installed, actually you have to activate the feature, as well as other features because it is a web app and needs iis to run. This creates an additional pain of setup and configuration of the iis. I was getting error 500.21 when trying to run mds and I found the fix was to reinstall the latest framework using aspnet_regiis.exe -i. Distributed Replay is a disappiontment because it is command line only. There is no gui for it. So if you want to replay using a shorter connect and think times to simulate a heavier load, you have to manually edit a file.