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  • M. Ohanlon - Skil 2260-01 18-Volt 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit

    Product is good and does what it says. Had to move to a new one due to the cost of battery replacement ($50+) on my previous Skil 18v drill. This comes in a soft case and has no additional battery where the previous version had a hard case and extra battery. Good value overall.

  • J. M. Gardner - How greedy can they get?

    I've been a Quickbooks user for many years and while I've appreciated their continual improvements I've been increasingly rankled by their mercenary attitude. First let me give them their due. I installed Quickbooks Pro 2011 with nary a hitch and copied/restored 5 companies, again with no problems--well, aside from the fact that I regularly saw that the program "Is not responding" when in fact it was processing the file. And I received an error message on the initial install but it seems to be working... so no complaints. What chaffs me is the fact they are now charging to attach a file of any kind, even if you host it on your own computer, and they prominently display the attachment icon just to temp you? or rub your nose in it? And like many users I despise their forced upgrade policy. This is a company that too clearly puts their bottom line before customer service. This predation is apparently what happens when you have a virtual monopoly. Won't somebody please offer them some decent competition!?

  • Basil - Guinness World records 2013 et al. Kindle.

    Obviously, unlike the hardcover or paperback, one does not flit through pages aimlessly, but rather has some idea as to what you want to see, although one can randomly jump around. The amount of information available is vast, and one must be disciplined in searching for items required.The beauty is that the information is available for ever even if outdated. It is one of those keep for ever books.

  • Nancy Wood - AZO tablets diminish bladder sensitivity

    I think I caused my bladder to be extra sensitive by drinking strong decaf tea brewed in the micro-wave. The AZO tablets decrease that sensitivity significantly although not 100%.

  • Olive - Who care what they think! It works ;)

    Ok sooooo it looks crazy to have around your toilet .... Yes and company may ask about it and give you a strange look.. And think strange thoughts about you as you tell them about... All I know is I can number Two way better- so hey it's worth it!

  • Kim Hargrove - but I'm sure it will be perfect.

    I've ordered for a Christmas gift, so it won't get played wirh for another couole of months, but I'm sure it will be perfect.