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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.6761 Utah, United States

  • M. Clemons - Excellent serum

    An easy to access gel serum, it goes on smoothly and seems to work well. The large container should last awhile, and the price was a bonus. For travel, the gel can easily be placed in a smaller jar. I will purchase again!

  • Anthony - Pretty simple process

    I have 53 employees and I was able to import them along with the required Obamacare information using the 1095-C template. Once all my employees were loaded, I e-filed directly from the software to the website. The software says my employee information will roll over to next year's software so I won't even have to import again and that's a convenience worth coming back for - these forms are so complicated!

  • R. Daugherty - Outstanding for the price

    13 knives for 40 bucks,WOW! I've been using mine for 6 months and find them dependable and easy to care for. No, they are not professional quality, but come on kids, they cost 40 dollars. I like the plastic handles, they look good and if they sit in a sink of water too long, or aren't cared for like they should be, it's o.k. 'cause they don't turn into trash. I bake my own bread and the bread knife is outstanding because of the eversharp edge. Well worth every cent if you need an inexpensive set of knives that will tolerate moderate abuse.

  • Baja206 - Not as good as I expected

    Gives a lot of information but fails in a lot of the areas i.e.. it will say you can do something but leaves out a lot of the process to write the code you need to complete the task.

  • Danielle, Ph.D. - Even the dog thinks this is the most comfortable bed in the whole wide world.

    Purchased this bed on Kickstarter for my seven-year-old son (Twin XL). He had been complaining of back issues and since he's been sleeping on this mattress, his sleeping habits have become SO much better. He's finally sleeping fully through the night and his bed is so comfortable. I find myself sitting on it while tucking him in and not wanting to get back up to go to my Tempurpedic. The dog has decided that she now wants to sleep with my son every night and stays in his room for the entire night which she NEVER did before (she usually ended up on the couch or her dog bed). She gets excited when I'm putting him to bed to get on the mattress and has fallen asleep so deeply and quickly she startles when I pet her. The dog likes it. Buy this bed.

  • Peter San - Improved kindle formatting. Thank you!

    I would just like to thank the people at First Aid for reformatting the 2015 Kindle edition back to the way it was last year. I have updated my review to 5 stars to reflect the fact that the content is superb as always, and now it is also much more user friendly for us eBook/Kindle users. Much appreciated!!!

  • Joseph qamar - Amazing experience. I am usually on my PS4 everyday ...

    Very impressed. Amazing experience. I am usually on my PS4 everyday and since this VR thing arrived I cannot go back playing my " ordinary " games anymore. I cannot wait for more for more titles to come out.