Cáritas nacional - A Cáritas Portuguesa é uma instituição oficial da Conferência Episcopal Portuguesa, para a promoção e dinamização da acção social da Igreja Católica.

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

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    This is an original part on my 2004 GE dishwasher. Quality built. The old one was 8+ years old and the rubber had softened and torn. As a result, the drain pump was unable to pull water out of dishwasher. I recieved in less than a week with standard/no frills shipping. I recommend. Saved me from having to spend $300-400 on a new dishwasher. Easy to replace.

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    I thought that, as a novice guitar player, this would be a good tool for me to use because I cannot make time to get guitar lessons. Around here, lessons cost about $80 a month, and this game cost the same amount as one month of lessons. Even better, I get to play whenever I want.

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    Nothing brings about more moans and groans from senior staffing than reminders that performance reviews are due. Some reviews practically write themselves, others, not so much. This book addresses just about every situation at every level that you can think of. It definitely takes the drudgery out of writing the reviews. For your long-time employees that keep doing stellar work, it gets harder and harder to keep it fresh and new each year. Good or bad, new or long-timer, this book is a God-send.

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    I have been using Acronis True image with Windows for several years and just switched to a MacBook Pro. Still using Acronis, even though the Mac has a built-in backup feature (I use both -- can't be too safe). With each new edition, Acronis has improved, both in function and in the user interface. There has never been a reliability issue. With 2016, the speed has improved noticeably over 2015. Highly recommended, for both Windows and OS X.