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  • Delores Walmer - Yonana

    I received this product as a gift and was so pleased with it that I immediately ordered one for my daughter. She, too, thinks this is a wonderful machine. I would buy another one with no hesitation. As usual, Amazon proved to be a wonderful place to purchase items. Thank you.

  • Stephanie M. - Breakout HELL!

    I must just be one of those people who react to the high dose of biotin. This made me break out worse than when I was a teenager. I felt like a leper. I was embarrassed to even go out in public. It took forever to figure out what the cause of the breakouts were, but the moment I stopped taking this it all cleared up. I would also note that I am and have always been a ridiculously hydrated person. My coworkers even give me a hard time about it. Drinking massive quantities of water did nothing to combat this side effect. Be aware.

  • Ryan - 4/5 for now

    I brought this product yesterday because I'd been a WWE fan since in the mid 05-06. I also heard about the WWE Universe Mode was in the game therefore I though I give it a try. First off, when I played the WWE Universe Mode, with my created superstar vs Zack Ryder in a NO DQ, when I pick up a sledgehammer, the commentators of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler said "Oh, there the ladder". Also, another match with a created superstar vs somebody (can't remember who), the commentators are talking like this is a divas match and I'm saying "This is NOT a divas match".


    I've been trying it for several days using it in my shirt's left pocket. Focusing is a problem, because you don't see what the lens is capturing. The sound many times is not continuous.

  • Ravi Annadurai - Worked out like a charm - Most economical OEM option

    Perfect upgrade of my 2013 Passat TDI SE (NMS). This was one of the thing missing on my car model. Product arrived on time and the installation was a breeze., even though it took a couple of hours for me to it myself. Is a every economical option, rather than spending couple of hundreds of dollars at the dealer.