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  • Private Person - This is a very helpful product.

    I was given a review copy of WillMaker Plus 2010 by a Nolo representative, who asked only that I post my assessment here. Though I serendipitously received my copy for free, I'd have gladly paid the retail price for it if I'd known the product existed. Here's why:

  • teddie simms - goods listening!

    Love Phil Collins songs, need to download more of his songs great to listen to! Original hate getting someone else's voice singing your fave singers songs

  • James H. - Try It!!

    Started using this product instead of monster or coffee and I love it! I would personally prefer a little more kick in the pants, but that's just me. This product gives you energy, but its controllable. Its not like you are going to be bouncing off the walls and cannot be productive because you are so overly stimulated. Its a nice smooth energy.

  • Tequila - I think i love this entire POM line of products

    I think i love this entire POM line of products. I really like this product It dissolves nicely into my skin after i clean my face of all impurities. I have to say after I started using the CLNS, RETIN and sometimes the BENZD as treatment, my acne is not severe anymore. I own the moisture product but i don't use it because its extremely moist and i recommend that for extremely dry skin. Mine is oily already. So i use these main three products and once or twice a week i skip a night and don't use them until the morning. Also once or twice a week i use Tonymolys oil sebum removing egg soaps. I think i found the control i needed for my acne. I only get acne on my neckline though. Like from the sides of my ears going down to the lower area of my cheeks and on my neck. With occasional small nose pimple or forehead and chin but rarely. So my acne focuses on my neck and sides of face. Benz works well for on spot treatment. Its not too strong so it doesn't dry out my skin with its percentage. (Compared to other benzoyl peroxide percentages and other products I've used)

  • Minus Nine - Light, cushioned, flexy

    The 2015 model of these shoes is nice, light, flexible. I think that the 2016 model has improved upon them, however. The new ones have a lighter material overall. Go with these if you can get them at a good discount, but I would give the 2016 a try if they're the same price.

  • Katie S. - This is a waste of time and money

    This is a waste of time and money. The questions are way too easy and look nothing like the actual NCLEX. even the Kaplan course that provides online login and practice questions looks nothing like the questions in this book.