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  • Amazon Customer - I was at the bar with my beautiful girlfriend pounding Hoegaardens

    I was at the bar with my beautiful girlfriend pounding Hoegaardens. She is terrific by the way. I was pounding one after another. I'm exaggerating, I did respectfully enjoy each glass. It was a wonderful time.

  • Laura - but worked great. Just don't forget about it while you are ...

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He was excited to get the kit and it came with everything that he needed to start brewing his own beer. It did look kind of cheesy, but worked great. Just don't forget about it while you are trying to make beer and make sure you clean it well. I would recommend for those looking to get started in brewing your own beer; especially for those not sure if it is something he/she or their significant other would actually want to invest a ton of time and money in just yet.

  • Lester Thomas - The helper

    This thing is the best . I love it don't know how I drove without it . You need it with all the nuts out on the road.

  • Amazon Customer - What a great phone !

    Well I wasn't expecting such a nice phone . Being disabled I qualified for a phone to make sure I'm safe . After a couple of months the phone I received thru the program wouldn't hold a charge , and I could only get a signal if I stood with my arm up in the air with my phone pointing at the moon . Replacement batteries were a little less than this new phone , but you can't send them back and what it's because it's using all its battery power trying to keep a signal . So my neighbor bought this for me and bingo . Not only do I have a strong signal I can leave it on and not have to watch battery get gobbled up . Huge phone with large screen . It was easy to switch out SIM card . Answered a few questions and set it up with my email and I was good to go . Tomorrow I will set it up with my WiFi . I'm grateful for the phone I got thru the program , and now I feel safe . I only use it for texting and calls but it looks like it does many many things . Thank you to everyone that gives helpful reviews . It's really helpful to someone like me . I have the program Safe-Link for anyone that needs a better phone . And thanks Amizon .