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  • Staxx - Best OTC pain cream I've tried

    As a long time chronic pain sufferer, I was excited to try this cream when Pinchme offered a sample. I don't like using anything habit forming and was instantly attracted to the specifics of this product: long-lasting, non-irritating, no known side effects, no known drug interactions, and a claim for targeting nerve pain symptoms specifically. When you have certain medical issues like I do, from bursitis to fibromyalgia and a shopping list of others, the worst pain moments are when your body touches anything. As you can guess, sleep time is a dreaded event as at least half of your body is touching a mattress or blanket or pillow for as long as you can stand. So, I followed the brief instructions, applied the cream and dared to hope. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly like a non-greasy lotion. I'm not sure if it's suppose to tingle a bit or if it was just my own reaction, but it was a gentle and pleasant feeling that started before I even finished rubbing the cream into my skin. Pain relief wasn't a miracle instantaneous fix, but within about fifteen minutes or so, some easing of the pain I'm so use to did come, and another half hour later it was dulled to a manageable level. This stuff really is pretty amazing and worked better than some of the prescription medications I've been given to try. No, it's not a cure all, but it's not reasonable to expect it would be. And, yes, I'll still need some of my regular prescriptions, but even to just be able to cut their frequency of use is awesome to me. Everybody's body is different, but I would truly recommend trying this to anyone. To be able to fall asleep a little faster than waiting for exhaustion to overpower pain is an amazing gift in itself.

  • Samuel Roeca - This is definitely the best keyboard I've used to date

    This is definitely the best keyboard I've used to date. As a programmer, my requirements are the following: sturdy build, tactile feedback, clicky-but-not-too-clicky, high actuation point, standard key layout, and relatively portable. This keyboard succeeds in every important area. Most importantly, the high actuation point / reasonable required force makes it so you don't have to press down as far / forcefully as MX switches or buckling springs. This in turn reduces the impact from the occasional bottom-out (which I've found impossible to avoid on tactile mechanical keyboard, contrary to myth). My fingers definitely experience reduced shock while typing on this keyboard compared to other tactile mechanicals (eg, barring reds). As a bonus, the keys are slightly wider than other keyboad models I've tried, which helps if you have grown-up fingers. Highly recommend.

  • Kristi Walden - 2015 NFL Sticker Collection

    My son needed a hobbie and loves sports. He cant play sports in general so we let him play fantasy football and keep up with different sports. The 2015 NFL stickers was just what he needed to start his collection. There were 70 individual stickers!! It was exciting to see if we would recieve Veteran or rookie card stickers. He really didnt know all the big names yet but it was great learning about them and placing our stickers. There were 10 individually sealed packs. You have no idea what you will find in each pack. Some of the stickers had alot about each player and some only had special awards. This was great for him and his friends to pick a couple packs and compare and see what each pack held. This would be great for a special birthday party or event because of each individual packs.

  • daalphine - Great version

    This is an excellent electronic version of the bible. It makes daily reading much more convenient. Functionality is good, however there are so many footnotes that turning the page can be difficult as you may accidentally direct to another area.

  • Shelly - Strong smell and no deatangling

    I bought this and the rosemary conditioner when there was lice going around my daughter's school. So far, she has not had lice so hopefully it is doing its job! I do not like the strong smell, and I was hoping this would be a detangling conditioner for my daughter's long hair. It is not. So it is not a pleasant experience to attempt to comb through afterwards.

  • Amazon Customer - PCOS + Metformin + Pregnitude = PREGNANT in 2 months!

    I have severe PCOS (ex. - my AMH was 48 at it's highest, retrieved 90+ eggs during my first IVF cycle). After 5+ years of trying IVF (including a 20 week loss of twins and a miscarriage), we turned to a gestational carrier. I wasn't ready to go back on birth control, but my face was oily and out of control so I asked my doctor for something safe to take if by some small chance I got pregnant. She recommended Pregnitude. I read the awesome reviews, but had zero expectations of getting pregnant. This supplement combined with Metformin ER 1500mg (which brought my AMH down significantly - probably 3-9 range) is believed to be what got me pregnant! My RE doctor was astonished! Now the surrogate and I are both pregnant and due 3 weeks apart! Good luck, it's worth a shot!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Read!!

    I read this book in a matter of hours as I could stop one I started. I had the privilege of attending day 2 of the Silo opening in October 2015 and can't wait to go back. Thank you Chip and Joanna for your story. Stay true to who you are and don't let reality TV mess it up.