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  • Mathieu BC - Really work !

    I put this oil leak stopper for a oil head gasket leak and work perfectly (half the bottle) after the first time oil change and 300 Km later. To be sure, my car have 120 000 km, I put the second half of the bottle in the next oil change after 1200 km. Be sure to not use Lucas gas additive upper cylinder lubricant whit the oil stopper when you have a oil head gasket leak. The product will work, but will did not last long due to the lubrication on the head gasket. That is why I put It again whit a synthetic oil change.

  • Polly - Don't pass this one up!

    My 1st Subaru was an Outback. I used to drive low to the ground 2 seaters, e.g., MGB, TRs; the Outback actually corners as well as a one of those low slung sporty vehicles. I loved it. Got stopped a few times for speeding so for my second I got a Forester. Love it as well. My next care (If I live that long) will be another Outback. You cannot go wrong with a Subaru. Absolutely the best vehicle made.

  • Fred Linville - ITS AMAZING !!!!

    I have a yellow lab who you would think would be bald as much as she sheds. This brush removed more hair than I could imagine. Sadly I could only rate 5 stars it deserves many more it's an amazing item

  • C. Pizzolato - It works!

    Simply follow the directions on the box, drink it at night, and it will work the morning after you drink it. Sometimes, you may feel some slight cramping, but then you know it is working. However, it is not good to use daily as your body will come to rely on it. Use sparingly and you will be pleased.