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  • Hicknopunk - Season 7 delivers!

    After a rather stagnant season 6, I am glad to say that they are not pulling their punches in season 7. I don't know what the writers were thinking, bringing Glen back from the dead. I fully expected the writers to just have Negan say he was joking and let everyone live after that mess. Luckily Negan actually cares that he has lost about 50 men to the main characters, but maybe he doesn't care enough about it.

  • acctgmgr - Excellent Product and Well Made

    I found this exercise chair on a TV exercise program that helps older folks or people with limited strength or mobility. I have always feared using a kitchen chair, so was delighted to find this product. It is really well made and has a good weight limit. It is sturdy and doesn't move around or feel "shakey". There are resistance bands attached (you can always find them) and we are still figuring them out as to what we like the best. But, again, this product is well-worth the money. There were two additional items in the box that we do not need to use. The one was a foot rest which for shorter people might be a nice addition. There was also a back support, again we are large and tall enough that we didn't use either. And the best ... the box came (the shipping was fast and it was well packaged), we opened the box, pulled out the fully assembled chair, opened it up (like a folding chair opens) and we were Done! It is so sturdy, so well made, this is a keeper. The chair is made of materials that will be easy to clean and a bonus to me is that it is easy to move. Good purchase.

  • Gary Zoellner - Be careful who you buy these from in-case you run into a problem, you'll want someone who will stand behind their product!

    The product itself, while much thinner than I expected, is pretty good, but the company that I made the purchase from failed to help me when I had a problem after receiving the item, which is why I gave it only 2 stars.

  • Christopher L. Stevens - Much better than I expected!

    This is a really well made headset. Comfortable and easy to use. I'm super impressed with the types of experiences I've already had with it. It's not perfect. The tracking can be a little finicky and and the games, while good are usually on the shorter side. I'm really excited to see where PSVR goes. The hardware is there, now we just need to see the games.

  • alan smit - Useless purchase

    This device is definitely not as advertised. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the issue, the device failed to connect and install. I contacted the Samsung agents repeatedly and they were unable to resolve the problem.

  • Chookster - Great Guide For Movie Fan

    I love this guide. The last one I bought was the 2010 edition so it was time for an update. One of the things that makes this guide unique is all the cross references in the back so you can look up each actor, director, writer etc. and view a list of all their films in chronological order. There are also a ton of cross references by genre and sub-genre as well as a complete rundown of award winners (Academy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild etc.).

  • Jon and Madison Foster - I have been giving them to my 13 year old son and he seems to be feeling better and his hair is more thicker and they are ...

    I don't think I have been taking these long enough to really notice a change, however, I have been giving them to my 13 year old son and he seems to be feeling better and his hair is more thicker and they are not chalky tasting, that was one thing I was worried about, they are just like eating gummy fruit snacks.