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  • Sandrah B. - It Stuck and Didn't Stink

    I glued down a whole section of Formica counter top in an old bathroom. I did no special preparation. I just squirted in the glue and clamped it together for 4 hours. Instructions say 2 hours, but I wanted to be sure it stayed stuck. It's now six days later and I see no sign of separation. Another real plus for this product is that it had no smell, at least none that I noticed.

  • John E. Ellison - Sorry, but ...

    Really loved their first CD, but I didn't enjoy the live CD from that period. Why, I guess it's for the same reasons I don't like many live CDs. To put this in context, I am one of those people that love Emerson Lake and Palmer, but don't like their live CDs; and the same with Yes. [Yes, I've revealed my age] On the other hand Steve Morse and King Crimson sound great live. As for their DVD, I did enjoy that. I would give that 5 stars. Why? Because watching them makes up for what I didn't like. I do have to say that Lizzy should drastically trim her prologue a-cappella bit at the start of the CD/DVD.

  • Carrie Weaver - Kaspersky "Support" is a Nightmare!

    I renewed my subscription directly with Kaspersky so I did not purchase through Amazon. The process has been a total nightmare. After 3 days working with Kaspersky's Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer service I still do not have functional Kaspersky Total Security 2016. I complied with their requests, tried calling, tried online contact, ran the requested reports, uploaded them to their site as requested and STILL am unable to activate their software. I am requesting a refund of the $111.00 I paid for 2 years worth of service. This is just ridiculous! Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your security software.

  • carolteach4 - Swarovski Crystal Star Ornament Sparkles

    So far, Amazon has the best price on these ornaments except for the two I found half price at a Swarovski Outlet Store. I have collected them from 2007. They hang on hooks in the cutout doorway between my living room and dining room, aka workspace. I leave then up all year long. I have a very small house, so these stars make a perfect collectible.

  • tatemjr - ink Mage

    Boy, i liked this series. Real good story line with a whole lot of magic, love interest and adventure to keep you coming back for more. Thanks Victor for the escape... Go Saints or Tigers or Green Wave or simple happy Fat Tuesday. What ever floats your boat. Keep them coming.