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  • Donald F. Wright - I am very pleased with the bruise cream

    I am very pleased with the bruise cream. It diminishes the bruises I get from bumping my arms on everything. Now that I can't find it anymore in the store, I hope Scar Zone/Amazon continues to sell it.

  • Daniela Baker - it's alright

    I found that the "universal" color really didn't work too well for me. It's a little to dark for my fair/light skin. The texture is good and it does cover pretty well but I found it just a little on the oily side and it did tend to break up on my skin after a few hours.

  • Ruth M. - Great book

    Followed the diet with a friend of mine she lost 5 pounds I lost 3 pounds and 3 percent body fat both of us are in good athletic shape. I would recommend this to anyone.You eat real food all part of the recipes included and you are never hungry. The hardest part is the sugar triggers because sugar is 8 times as addictive is cocaine so your brain asks for it constantly. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change to eat healthy. If nothing else the book is very informative even if you don't do the diet. I did use the one fiber supplement that was recommended but other than that there is nothing the book is trying to sell you. Good Luck!

  • Glenn E Hamilton - Weight loss amazing

    My wife and I started on this weight loss program one week ago today. She wants to lose about 25 pounds. I need to lose 100-110 pounds. We weighed in this morning and she had lost 6 pounds, I have lost 18 pounds. Just seven days!!! Yes, we are still in the starting phase so we have not eaten any meals through the week. That's the good news, now on to the product.

  • xtineusa - Jury still out.

    I started buying this a couple of years back when my girls were in elementary school when at least twice in the school year you would hear kids having lice. My girls never came home with lice. I don't know if I was pretty lucky or that it really did work. Stopped using it in JHS and guess what, my daughter came home with lice. Started buying it again. Lets see what this school year brings, or hope it doesn't bring:/ Jury is still out on it. I will update with any new results from the new school year.

  • Laura Garcia - Try THIS before Accutain!!!

    This is a miracle! I've had chronic acne since I was 11 (28 now) and this is the only thing that's ever given me real results (as my headline suggests, I've even tried Accutain with no results, which I regret due to the side effects, NOT WORTH IT). The key here is the tea tree oil, which should be renamed miracle oil. Combined with the amazing quality cream they use, it makes for a strong acne fighter that won't dry or damage skin while helping heal old acne scars. I sleep with this on over Jason's Age Renewal Vitamin E cream, make sure it's absorbed well before adding Keeva The combination has given me amazing, glowing, acne free skin. Well worth the money since a thin layer of this stuff goes a long way. I hope they never stop making it.

  • Sarah M Rush - 49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money

    Save your money. I spent $46.49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money. Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap ($7) plus calamine lotion ($5) plus benedryl ($6) does a much better job (if you don't need to go to the Doctor for a shot).