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  • JamesB - Love it

    This gentle, natural product goes on first after washing your face. I follow with the Suki balancing day lotion. Great products.

  • Samuel Mattern - Works for prefinished hardwood floors.

    This stuff added instant gloss to my prefinished hardwood floors, though I'm not sure how much it will protect the flooring . I followed other reviewers' advise in cleaning floor well and applying with microfiber mop. The product applies a very thin plastic-like coating to the floor that, even after drying for a few hours, still was scraped up by pushing in a chair with felt floor protectors on. On another section of my floor I waited an hour before applying the second coat, which was not long enough as it messed up parts of the first layer that hadn't thoroughly "hardened." Make sure when applying additional coats that you wait good and long until the previous coat has no tackiness at all (varied between my two rooms between 45 minutes and 1.25 hours). Was able to find the 64oz refill at the local big box for a few dollars cheaper, so won't be ordering this particular product through Amazon again.

  • Eugene Finley - Failure of camera and software

    I have my second gopro. The new hd3 does not work. There are battery issues, update issues, bricking issues and customer service issues. I am just over 30 days since purchase and am unable to do anything with the camera. The cineform software for PC does not work. The mac version seesm to work a little if you are lucky. If you buy one, you will get a lemon and a story about how updates will fix it. They haven't. It is sad to read all the issues and problems that are not being resolved on every Go Pro forum except theirs.

  • nannywhit - What's not to like?

    Both my grandsons 8 and 9 years old loved this book. Every record set in 2012 and before that is listed and they have great fun with their Dad asking him sports questions and then checking to see if he is correct. It is great sit around the table family fun for all ages and everyone enjoys the knowledge it imparts-some of it almost unbelieveable!