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  • Bozie - Returned the Phil & Ted's for the Inglesina

    We have 7 mos twins and didn't want to invest in two highchars. We bought 1 Inglesina and 1 Phil & Teds to try each. We returned the P&Ts. P&T's chair had an uncomfortable back bar to it. While easy to use and came with the tray, for the price we returned it and bought a 2nd Inglesina.

  • GPFord - Does what it is supposed to do.

    I ordered the Waterpik Ultra only after first talking to my dentist and then checking out the user reviews. I had been told that using Waterpik-type instruments was not recommended by dentists because of a concern about their tendency to push food further into the gums next to the teeth. My dentist said such was not the case, and he highly recommended that I use one. I then read the various reviews and decided on the Waterpik Ultra aware of the concerns about its water pressure and the short tube. While I agree that the water tube is a little short, it has not caused me any difficulty at all in using it. Likewise with the water pressure. I have found the water pressure to be more than adequate. In fact, I have yet to turn the pressure to its highest level since Level 8 does an excellent job. My only complaint with the Waterpik Ultra is that I wish the water tank was a little larger. I find that it sometimes runs out of water before I am finished. Other than that minor complaint, I am completely satisfied with the Waterpik Ultra. I still marvel at the sight of food falling into the sink even after I have thoroughly brushed my teeth. That is the best evidence that it does what it is supposed to do.

  • Raul's Reviews - Looks great

    I haven't installed it yet cause it's been snowing in NJ, but everything looks straight forward, comes with clips, and weather seal for hood. Looks angry, came to my office and I got plenty of comments and it wasn't even installed, kinda exciting. Will update with my installation experience.

  • Pen Name - The true fear is that you are foolish enough to watch this garbage...

    The picture on the cover is vastly better than the movie. Plastic tooth vampires rule the world. Bad acting and cheap props make this look more like a high school project than a movie.

  • MsChips - This is not about Conspiracy Theories. This is about truth.

    It's time we knew the truth and D'Souza knows how to do that. D'Souza declares "If anyone can prove me wrong, step forward and do so. (Paraphrased)" So far no one has. I believe it and it is time we re-write history to reflect the truth, rather than perpetuate the lies. I can deal with the truth, it's the damn lies that causes so much confusion. People of all colors can benefit from this film. Keep in mind while viewing this film that few blacks were "free" to fight for their freedom. One of the remarkable things I learned was just how many blacks were slave owners themselves. I never knew that before. I am 74 yrs old and still learning. We can all learn something from this incredible lessons presented here.