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  • I'm Just Sayin' - UPDATE! I had to come back to give this another star;5 STARS!

    UPDATE! I had to come back to give this another star because I friggin LOVE this thing! I really like this thing! I didnt know what to expect and when it arrived I was surprised at its sleek design. After charging it for 24 hours as it suggested, I tried it out. WOW! It REALLY cleans your teeth and up under your gums in a whole new way that I have never experienced! My gums are a little sensitive so the highest speed was a bit hard but at the same time it felt GREAT. It is kind of messy so you MUST stand directly over the sink. I was surprised to see the small food particles that this unit was able to flush out from under my gums. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because the water compartment is just too small. I had to stop and refill it 4 times which was the ONLY thing I did not like. Of course, a bigger water tank would ruin its sleek design so it a trade off. I just wish I could reroute it to a bucket of water so I could just use it for a hour straight! Its THAT nice...kind of like a massage but for your mouth. I will use it daily for sure!

  • summerbaby06 - This bottle is awesome! It is big

    This bottle is awesome! It is big, but it works well for me whenever I'm at zumba class and I want to drink cucumber flavored water or lemon water (which is detoxifying. the cup inside that holds the fruit, is big enough to hold it in there and really goes down far enough that it flavors your whole water. I like the design of it as well. I have had other bottles before this, but I did not like them as much because the cup that holds the fruit on the inside was too narrow and you were limited by how much you could put in there. I like the size of the bottle as well because i can get more water in it instead of constantly having to go back and refill. it's also easy for me to clean, which is a big plus because sometimes mold can develop in these types of cups if your not careful.

  • Blue Jacket - for tougher stains

    Anyone that has used Krud Kutter either for household use, or for heavier cleanups, already know how well it works. There are 2 types of Krud Kutter and the one we prefer is this low odor, red label one. This surface and grease cleaner is the next step up for counter tops, marks on walls, crayons, ink, really dirty floors, etc. without damaging surfaces. We normally will use vinegar or Windex surface cleaner for easy stains, but Krud Kutter for the tougher ones. It can be diluted for most cleaning, but full strength will clean almost any truly stubborn stain.

  • Amazon Customer - I love the setting Mark Edwards chose and that the main ...

    The Devil’s Work is a psychological thriller that takes place in England, which only made me want to read this book even more. I love the setting Mark Edwards chose and that the main character is a working mother. When the book first starts, Sophie is returning to the work force after taking four years off to be with her daughter. She has her dream job at a children’s publishing company and things seem to be looking good. As we soon find out, things are not as good as they seem. Her predecessor went missing, she loses one of her team members, and one of the other team members seems a little too overzealous. Sophie begins to grow suspicious of her assistant Cassie and things escalate from there.

  • Angela - This is a real cool set of stickers and awesome to go with the ...

    This is a real cool set of stickers and awesome to go with the matching book that you are able to put the stickers in to make your whole collection. This comes with 10 sealed packs that you are able to open to see what cards you are going to end up getting in your pack. Each pack has 7 glossy stickers which is nice and it is a lot of fun. You will get some duplicates but can be saved for extras. I received this product to share my honest thoughts and opinions about it.