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  • Stephen R. Thomas - Incredible Device!

    I, like other reviewers, had a Achilles Tendon rupture. In looking over the options for getting around with one foot disabled, the IWalkFree looked like a great option. It has proven to be so. When I first received the device, I followed the setup videos as best I could and spent some time wobbling around my kitchen. What I discovered is that the top strap needs to be up as high as you can get it, right up there in the crotch. Keeping that strap way up there makes it really stable. You also need to be very aware of the height setting on the knee rest. Too short and you really rock from side to side too much as you walk. Too tall and it catches on the ground as you swing it forward to take a step. Even at the optimum height setting, you will find yourself rocking from side to side as you walk; it needs to be just a little short to clear the ground as you swing it forward. This puts a little stress on your back muscles and you will feel the exercise. But, watching your gait will relieve this somewhat.

  • Anna Stephens - Quality product

    Works like it should. Used it to take off a dealer tag on my car and it dissolved the adhesive with just a little bit in only a few seconds