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  • Alex - A must have.

    This tail light is a must. I've noticed cagers slowing down at a further distance and to my acknowledge people see me with my turn signals.

  • M L Francis - Awesome guide for weight loss and lifestyle change

    My daughter and I both have all of the classic symptoms of insulin resistance. Her doctor suggested weight loss, and I decided this could be something we could do together. This book is an excellent guide to understanding and implementing a life style change in eating with simple, easy to follow directions. Anyone facing a health crisis due to weight issues due to belly fat should read this book. I have been a carbo-alholic for many years, and suffer with hypoglycemic issues. I have suffered with depression, exhaustion, and light-headedness where I had to lie down just to get over it. I feel so much better, I have more energy, I can get through a day without dizzy spells and constant carb cravings.....and my cloths are getting looser, and I feel so much better about myself without feeling like I am depriving myself of food...because you eat a lot of times during the course of the day. This is the easiest food plan I have ever followed.

  • LITS - My investment, no reward :(

    Let me sadly address one of the quotes from what this company advertises on Amazon first “BEST NATURAL PESTS CONTROL GUARD SOLUTION - No need to spend thousands on harmful chemicals that can damage your home. The electronic pest control will rid your home of unwanted rodents. The safest form for rat repellent, mouse repellent, mouse repellent, mosquito repellent and more.”. I am extremely disappointed with the product(s) I bought. I state products because I own two a purchase decision based on what I noted from the question and answer section:

  • A. Drake - When I first tried it I had gotten samples from Wholefoods and I fell in love with it because it actually did help with me ...

    Unfortunately the formula is not consistent every time! When I first tried it I had gotten samples from Wholefoods and I fell in love with it because

  • T. doyle - Will not improve the underlying issue and The paperwork states this clearly.

    This product is urea-based. This will soften and thin the nail but it will not improve the underlying problem. This is NOT a cure and the paperwork says this clearly. I had a light to moderate issue and it did not improve it. I went to the prescription Penlac liquid and saw quick improvements.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Happy!

    I have spent some time ( really a long time) looking for the adapter and when I finally did it, it was a mazing. The Customer service was great! Sam was attentive to my questions, follow up and provided good advice when my first monitor mount didn't work out. The VIVO monitor mount worked perfectly. (I got the double as I intend to get another monitor it also works well!)

  • Chris I. - 7ghz with this and my speeds though better at the remote location of house were faster due ...

    Worked as advertised but realized I was only getting 2.7ghz with this and my speeds though better at the remote location of house were faster due to this I was not getting that 5ghz band I need for faster things like video streaming etc. Returned for the bad boy NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Desktop WiFi Range Extender (EX7000-100NAS) ... WOW ... that thing is BLAZING FAST!!!