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  • Caitlin W. - No thanks- too much stomach pain!

    Ugh these things are the worst. I do not work for ItWorks, but bought them to support a friend's business and thought "why not?!" While, there are other products that are actually pretty good (the greens are pretty good), the last 3 times I took these pills, I got really bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. TMI, I know, but I couldn't figure out why I was having such loose stools and the only thing I can attribute it to our these pills. They are going straight in the trash. :(

  • B Franklin - Great as a computer monitor

    Great computer monitor, very little calibration actually needed out of the box. Works great for large spreadsheet applications but also plays games just fine. Played Witcher 3 4k, Dirty Bomb 4k and custom ultrawide resolution, Doom 3, etc... All ran great using an overclocked 980 TI. Basically no input lag and very little motion blur. Did have some bad looking clipping on occassion when vsync was off during 1st person shooters but nothing I can't forgive.

  • Dennis - I have used Acronis for 3 years - Former Ghost user

    I have been sitting here reading the nasty reviews of Acronis and must admit I just don't get it. I am a former Ghost user and simply couldn't do a successful clone with it. I tried Acronis on the very same laptop that Ghost failed me on and did a successful clone first time out of the gate. I have been cloning once a month ever since. I use my clone and shelve/swap my existing drive routinely. I really believe in this product. I recently picked up a 1 TB Iomega network drive and Acronis sees it with no problem. I used the free trial version of 2010 and tested it doing some back-ups and have been very satisfied. I haven't had to use the Acronis support in quite awhile so I will have to take what everyone is saying as possibly very true. I hope they can turn their support reputation around. I do like the product and am planning on investing in the new 2010 I have been testing. I am using an IBM W500 with XP SP3 and am very, very satisfied with Acronis at this point. My only need to upgrade to 2010 is due to my recent 1 TB Iomega network drive for my incremental backups.

  • PingPongPattie - Stay Away From This One!

    I downloaded AVG trial package to my brand new top of the line HP PC and after a couple of days I couldn't stand the constant pop-ups reminding me that I only had so many days left on the trial copy. When I deleted the AVG software all of my screen and system settings were changed to minimize performance and even after correcting these settings my computer has slowed to a crawl and crashes every 10 minutes. Every folder, file, and program that used to take a split second to open now take 10 to 20 seconds to repond and often have to be re-openned several times before they are responsive! I have no doubt that AVG sabatoged my computer in the hope that I will buy their software package to fix the problems they created!!!