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  • Katherine Lamb - Read the Bible Cover to Cover

    This Bible has commentaries which help explain what is written. I find that sometimes I think I understand okay but then after a brief explanation of a passage I'm often a bit surprised. The Bible isn't explained word for word but little cultural things from the people or the era. Sayings we might not be familiar with etc. This is my 3rd reading of the Holy Bible cover to cover but the first time I'm taking the time to study and read all the commentaries and many of the cross references.

  • Jessica Blanchard - I loved it. The only thing that I noticed is ...

    I loved it. The only thing that I noticed is that Nightmare by Set It Off isn't actually on the CD. The song that is in its place is Kill The Lights by Set It Off. Besides that it is amazing.

  • Jose garcia - Ehhhhhh!

    Not bad floor liners. The mats could fit a little more sun. When i received this product the back mat was folded in a box. Which cause it to distort the shape. Over time though im sure it will go back to normal. Also i was misiing the cap that you put over the hooks on the floor. Box was beaten up to when i received it. If i were to biy more weather techs mats i would just buy them from the weather tech website.

  • D. McMahon - Okay, not perfect

    we will overlook the fact that when you buy a $500 stroller you dont get any cup holders or storage..

  • JMAuthor - Nice Collection of Stories

    What a nice collection of stories. I enjoyed the variety between people and animals. I also liked that in some cases, the characters were similar to the 'Classics" but yet they stood on there own, providing a different tale in of itself. There were plenty of short stories for smallest children as well as longer stories for the older children. Having entertaining, and sometimes rhyming stories is a great way to engage the young mind and have some bonding time as well.