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Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Catching Health is a health and wellness blog written by former Maine television health reporter Diane Atwood.

  • http://dianeatwood.com/blog/ Blog | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Catching Health is a health and wellness blog written by former Maine television health reporter Diane Atwood
  • http://dianeatwood.com/calendar/ Calendar | Catching Health with Diane Atwood | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Looking for something healthy to do? Browse the Catching Health with Diane Atwood calendar for health events across the entire state of Maine. Want to post a
  • http://dianeatwood.com/about-diane/ About | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Learn all about the story behind the stories on the Maine-based health and wellness blog Catching Health with Diane Atwood
  • http://dianeatwood.com/author/dianeatwood/ dianeatwood | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Hello! I'm Diane Atwood. For many years, I was the health reporter on WCSH6. Now I write Catching Health with Diane Atwood. I love what I do and hope you will
  • http://dianeatwood.com/colonoscopy-preventing-colon-cancer/ Why a colonoscopy is still the gold standard for preventing colon cancer | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Colonoscopies save lives because virtually all colon cancers start out as benign polyps. Colonoscopy is not colon cancer detection, it's colon cancer prevention
  • http://dianeatwood.com/peripheral-neuropathy-research-zebrafish/ How the tiny zebrafish helped a Bar Harbor scientist get us one step closer to effective treatments for a painful nerve disorder — peripheral neuropathy | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - About 20 million people in the U.S. have peripheral neuropathy. Sandra Rieger, PhD., a scientist at the MDI Biological Laboratory, recently discovered where and
  • http://dianeatwood.com/stay-healthy-with-new-baby-tips/ Tips from parents on how to stay healthy with a new baby in the house | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - When you're pregnant, you try to be as healthy as possible for your baby's sake. After the baby is born, staying healthy can be a challenge. Some tips from new
  • http://dianeatwood.com/nasal-spray-flu-vaccine/ Flu season has arrived. Even without spray, kids should be vaccinated | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Public health experts no longer recommend a common nasal spray flu vaccine for children because it's not effective. If you're worried that your child hates
  • http://dianeatwood.com/osteoporosis-research/ What you might not know about osteoporosis. Listen to the latest research | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - Are you at risk for osteoporosis? Are you confused about how to treat or prevent it? In this podcast, Diane asks researcher Dr. Clifford Rosen for some answers.
  • http://dianeatwood.com/dementia-forced-me-to-learn-how-to-love-my-mother-in-a-whole-new-way/ Dementia forced me to learn how to love my mother in a whole new way | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - A few years ago, my mother was diagnosed with dementia. In this Catching Health podcast, I share some communication tips I've learned — often the hard way.
  • http://dianeatwood.com/father-alcohol-podcast-2/ For the love of our father my family joined forces in a battle against alcohol | Catching Health with Diane Atwood - My father died in 2009. He might have died years sooner if not for a decision our family made. Not everyone would agree with our approach, but it worked for us.

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