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  • mom2dskg - great gift for the curious

    We bought this book for our 11 year old daughter who loves to learn about the unusual side of life. We get her one each year. The pictures are great.

  • Mary Emerson - couldn't install it, waste of money

    I tried for a couple hours to get it to install on my machine. It wouldn't; it said it found an error, but the help didn't give a clue what the error was, or if it had a number associated with it. I even tried removing my old Word 2003, but 2010 still wouldn't install. I eventually gave up and put my old copy of Word 2003 back on the machine, with the Microsoft 2007 patch that deals with newer file formats and DOCX files.

  • Amy R. - Great protection

    I bought the white and peacock blue case for my new phone. Having had it for about a month now, I'm generally very happy with it. It's definitely solid and effective protection from tumbles and drops. I'm pretty clumsy and tend to drop my phone a lot, so that's the most important thing to me—just last night I dropped it from a standing position and it landed on its face, and because of the case's slight lip around the front, the screen was saved from impact. I've dropped the phone on its back, side, corners, you name it, and the case has done its job.

  • evelyn figueroa - I just received. But I having use. I'm ...

    I just received . But I having use. I'm just giving the tree start because the review , fast shipping , and free battle . Thanks .

  • Taylor - yes, yes, YES!

    This will be a holy grail leave in. I would compare it to my its a 10 deep conditioner so I will be alternating those two. I have to use this every time I use the coordinating shampoo and conditioner because they do not moisturize my hair, but this baby does the job!

  • Joy Leftow - works for me

    Works for me. As soon as you notice tingles or itching - put this on to prevent further swelling or sores developing. They heal very fast with this product along with using lysine tablets. You do have to do up to 5 times a day and only a very tiny amount is needed. I never had these before and have no idea where it came from but it is a virus so it can recur.