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Dr. Michael Reed | Psychiatrist - Dr. Michael Reed is a Nashville psychiatrist at the forefront of innovative treatment techniques.

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  • frances hill - freezes your previous work.....hate it

    when i downloaded, the program (publisher) it froze all my work on my computer. I tried to work with both but I couldn't make it so I could use both programs...I want my money back and you can delete the Microsoft from my computer. There was no way I could make the Microsoft publisher and my microsoft word compatible

  • Jerry Zhan - Amazing Ball

    I was at a tournament, And I found one of these callaway warbirds lying around in the deepest part of the rough. And nobody seemed to be finding their ball. So I was like why not. Instantly after teeing off with this ball, I was like WOW, Because I drove 20 yards more. I hit it on the green in 2 and finished the hole with a birdie.

  • wade salmond - Brilliant!

    Short and succinct! In just over 100 pages I learned that Adolf Hitler was a very moderate, balanced, caring and compassionate man in comparison to Corey Bernardi. and Tony Abbott!

  • S. Collins - A GREAT Security Suite at a great price . . .

    A REALLY great buy for a great product. We have been using Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete on 3 of the family laptops, for almost a year. I ordered this for my husband's new laptop and to renew our other subscriptions. Webroot is soooo much better than Norton's software. It is less intrusive, working quietly in the background, unlike Nortons, which was always popping up, asking us what to do next. None of us have had a single virus or other issue since we set Webroot up. We ALL highly recommend it!!

  • A.Mathews - Baby Jogger POD

    I will start by saying we are a loyal baby jogger family :) We love the baby jogger quality and features. We currently own the City Select and City Micro Single have also owned the City Mini Single(before our garage ate it). I Love the concept of the POD. We were looking for a double jogging stroller for our 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old boys. Loved that this could be used as a double jogger or as a single if only taking one child. Also loved the idea we could also use it for biking or as a stroller. We were hoping to use all these feature on our upcoming vacation to Hilton Head loved the idea of getting all these benefits in one stroller. I did however have to return the POD because my boys would not ride in the small space together. We didn't even make it out of the garage before we had crying and hair pulling. I was sad to return it because I really did like all the features. I exchanged it for the BOB SE Duallie

  • Starboard - Lathers perfectly, good product

    I love the way this lathers, I love the way it cleans. I think the price is great for the amount of product and it leaves everyone smelling fresh. I do have two dogs that are a bit sensitive to soaps and they itch afterward unless I follow with baby shampoo. Everyone else does well with the product, and I have a lot more dogs. I've been using it for years and will continue.