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Dr. Paul Shea |Otolaryngologist | Paul F. Shea, M.D. - Dr. Paul Shea is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Memphis, Tennessee and Paul F. Shea, M.D. has been practicing medicine for 19 years with Shea Ear Clinic.

  • http://drpaulshea.com/contact-paulshea-md/ Paul F. Shea, M.D. |Contact Dr. Paul F. Shea, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in Memphis | - Paul F. Shea, M.D : Dr. Paul F Shea, is an ENT Physician (Ear, Nose and Throat) practicing in Memphis with Shea Ear Clinic, conveniently located in 6133 Poplar Pike, Memphis, TN 38119. Call us today
  • http://drpaulshea.com/paul-shea-md/ Paul F. Shea, M.D. and Shea Ear Clinic |ENT specialist | Dr. Paul F. Shea | - Paul F. Shea, M.D. and Shea Ear Clinic has made significant contributions to his field through research, teaching, and community involvement.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/category/articles/ Articles about Cochlear Implants, Meniere’s disease- Dr. Paul F Shea | ENT Specialist in Memphis - Read about Cochlear implants, the devices which can literally give hearing back to the deaf and Read about Meniere’s disease-Hearing results and quality of life after streptomycin/dexamethasone perfusion for Meniere’s disease.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/drpaulshea-publications/ Dr. Paul F. Shea: ENT Publications on Hearing Loss,Ear Surgery, Stapedectomy | - Dr. Paul F. Shea Publications on Hearing Loss,Ear Surgery and on Stapedectomy for Otosclerosis. Otosclerosis is a disease of the bone surrounding the inner ear.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/hobbies-2/ Paul F. Shea - M.D. ,Memphis| Shea Ear Clinic| Paul Shea Restoring, and racing classic american muscle cars | - Paul F. Shea - M.D. ,Memphis: My hobby is building, restoring, and racing classic american muscle cars. I have a 1974 Stingray I road race and a 1970 Trans Am that is undergoing a frame-off restoration. I also have a 1971 Chevelle SS454.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/videos/ Dr. Paul F. Shea, Talking about Hearing Loss | Hearing Loss videos, Paul F. Shea M.D | - Dr. Paul F. Shea, Talking about Hearing Loss . Memphis Shea clinic is famous for the treatment of chronic ear diseases and hearing disorders
  • http://drpaulshea.com/appointment/affiliations/ Dr. Paul F Shea Memphis- Hospital Affiliations |Paul F Shea, M.D. | - Dr.Paul F Shea of Memphis Shea clinic, is affiliated with Shea Ear Clinic, Methodist University Hospital, Methodist Hospital Germantown, Baptist Hospital Collierville and Baptist Germantown Surgery Center in Memphis.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/appointment/ Paul F. Shea, M.D. and Shea Ear Clinic | Make an Appointment with Dr. Paul Shea | - Paul F. Shea, M.D.: Dr. Paul Shea, MD. is an Ear, Nose and Throat Physician practicing in Memphis with Shea Ear Clinic, Please fill the form or call the medical office at 901-761-9720 to schedule your appointment.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/what-makes-the-shea-clinic-special/ PAUL SHEA MD|What makes the Shea Clinic special? | - Shea Ear Clinc | PAUL SHEA MD|What makes the Shea Clinic special? Paul F. Shea, MD, talking about Shea Ear Clinic and Dr. John Shea, Jr.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/what-can-be-done-for-bells-palsy/ What can be done for Bell’s palsy? | DR. Paul Shea | - What can be done for Bell’s palsy? Bell’s palsy is a condition where one side of the face becomes weak or paralyzed for no apparent reason.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/what-is-menieres-disease-and-what-can-be-done-for-it/ What is Ménière’s disease and what can be done for it? | - What is Ménière’s disease and what can be done for it? At the Shea Ear Clinic, we have a tremendous amount of experience in treating Ménière’s disease and have developed many innovative techniques.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/i-am-having-trouble-hearing/ Hearing loss | PAUL SHEA MD | - Hearing loss: The physicians at the Shea Ear Clinic are exceptionally well trained at diagnosing and treating all forms of hearing loss.
  • http://drpaulshea.com/i-am-dizzy-my-balance-is-off/ Dizziness | Paul F. Shea, MD, talking about Dizziness | - Dizziness : Dizziness is a common complaint and is experienced by nearly everyone at one time or another. Dizziness is defined as any non-painful discomfort of the head.

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    This little cube is amazing!! I've been searching for a solid 3x3 for a while that would be my go to cube. This one straight out of the box was astounding. It was as smoother than any other cube I owned and I have a lot. It needed no sanding down or greasing the pieces. It also felt quite sturdy like I could drop it with complete confidence it will not break. I have always liked v cube brand and their higher layered cubes are awesome. It's apparent how much thought they put into their products because this little v cube is a winner!

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    My 1 year old was having bad episodes of diarrhea from a lingering stomach virus. It would come and go at random times but last for at least a week. The doctor said to take her off her formula and put her on a soy one. We did that and it still was bad. I tried these drops and within one day her diarrhea was almost completely cleared up. I think her gut just needed some good bacteria in there and these drops did the trick. No mom of a baby should be without them.