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  • http://elfactork.com/edukatrading/ EduKatrading | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - Consigue la eficiencia de manera definitiva en el Trading, inversiones financieras y en tu vida. Aprende de los mejores... Más de 10 años de experiencia, 300
  • http://elfactork.com/coaching-financiero/ Coaching financiero | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - Tu relación con el dinero determina tu crecimiento ¿Qué es?   El coaching financiero es una herramienta del desarrollo personal que te enseña a
  • http://elfactork.com/abundancia/ Abundancia | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - Entrena tu mente para el Trading El trader es una persona sometida a mucha presión emocional, eso ya lo sabemos, existe información (poca para ser un tema tan
  • http://elfactork.com/libros-k-a-la-venta/ Libros K | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K -  Imprescindibles y Nuevos títulos a la venta Ya puedes adquirir cualquiera de estos fantásticos títulos a través de nuestro portal, escríbenos a info@elfactork
  • http://elfactork.com/money-room/ Money Room | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - Factor K presenta Money Room, un nuevo concepto de sala de Trading, en tiempo real y con dinero de verdad. Disfruta de una experiencia única, observa en
  • http://elfactork.com/asociacion-efda/ Asociacion €FdA | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - ¿A qué se dedica la asociación? Pretendemos acercar el conocimiento financiero a todo el mundo a través de la formación y la educación. En ningún momento ha
  • http://elfactork.com/el-comienzo/ El Comienzo | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - ¿Quieres aprender estrategias rentables y convertir el trading en dinero? ¿Ser libre? ¿Hacer que tu dinero trabaje para ti? Descubre nuestro nuevo proceso
  • http://elfactork.com/fast-good-trading/ Fast Good Trading | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - Introducción al mundo del trading a través de los futuros y desarrollo de una mentalidad de abundancia. A través de técnicas nacidas del corazón de California
  • http://elfactork.com/one-2-one/ One 2 One | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - ¿Te gustaría dar tus primeros pasos en el mundo del trading y conocer de primera mano las claves para la consistencia en esta actividad? El Factor K presenta
  • http://elfactork.com/trading-master-week/ TRADING MASTER WEEK | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K -  ¿Qué es la "Trading Master Week"? Descubre todos los detalles en el siguiente enlace a la página presentación del evento... >> CLICK PARA VER
  • http://elfactork.com/hedge-found-home/ Hedge Found home | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - ¿Quieres recorrer la milla extra? ¿Quieres de verdad salirte de la manada, ser el primero de la lista? ¿Te gustaría crear tu propio Hedge Fund desde la
  • http://elfactork.com/esto-es-el-trading-de-verdad/ Esto es el Trading de verdad | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - ¿Qué es el Trading? La palabra Trading proviene del verbo Inglés To Trade, siendo comerciar su ononimo Español. Es la acción de abrir posiciones de compra o
  • http://elfactork.com/la-campana-no-ha-sonado/ La campana NO ha sonado | Cursos Trading | EL Factor K - ¡Ei! Despierta. Si tú, el de la lona. Aún no ha llegado el momento. Mientras te quede aliento hay que seguir. No permitas que nada, ni nadie te detenga
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  • Kenneth A. Parker - shame on me

    for some reason I got the itch to upgrade from QB Pro 2009. This has been the most frustrating upgrade I have been through with the exception up the upgrade to Quicken Deluxe 2014. Here is it tax time and I can not complete the most basic of functions. For example, I keep changing the password for Admin but it doesn't save. Each time it reverts back to the original. Also, I am an admin but it tells me I don't have authorization to run financial reports. I spent 3 plus hours on the phone with Support to fix one issue and I still have many to go. My gut told me to buy 2013 so the growing pains of a new version would be minimal. Never again will I upgrade to a new version of Quicken anything. I use a new Lenovo desktop with Windows 7 professional. If you are in the market to upgrade don't buy this one yet.

  • A subtle masterpiece - A subtle masterpiece

    Blue Lines invented trip-hop and electronica, which in and of itself would be enough to make the album a classic. But just as impressive is how Massive Attack uses their genre-inventing sound to frame and mix a variety of established musical styles, including hip-hop, reggae and soul. They mix these elements seamlessly and the musical alchemy reaps intoxicating rewards. Much of Blue Lines' success is due to the sublime performances from the album's three vocalists: rapper Tricky, reggae artist Horace Andy and R&B crooner Shara Nelson. Everything comes together so smoothly on Blue Lines that the casual listener might not even notice how groundbreaking it is.

  • amh1 - Amberen doesn't work

    I really wanted this product to work and so I followed the instructions carefully. I noticed absolutely NO difference in my symptoms. I kept track of hot flashes, insomnia and heart palpitations. There was absolutely no change in the 90 days during which I took the product. I also did not lose weight, though that is not what I took it for.

  • karen denner - I was very disappointed. They give you 'guidelines' that you should meet ...

    I'm sure this product works well for some people, but as much as I wanted it to, it did not work for me. I bought this in hopes that it would give me some freedom back after I broke my foot, but after the frustration of putting it together, only to find out that it would not fit my leg, I was very disappointed. They give you 'guidelines' that you should meet in order to be able to use this. I met all of the 'guidelines' with no problem, but my legs are a little large at the top, & the straps would not comfortably fit & therefore it was not secure. Luckily I bought this through Amazon Prime, So returning it was no issue.

  • angie kirby - light weight different tips for different terrain fold up for easy packing and storing

    NONPAREIL Extendable Aluminum Trekking & Hiking Pole - Telescoping Walking Stick for the Great Outdoors is up for review today. I got this for my dad as he is a avid outdoors man like we all are. IT is very light, made from aluminum ad travels very eay. It is adjustable fro 25 in to 53 in to fit most people. it has ergonomic eva handles and adjustable wrist straps too. you get different tips of terrain like mountain, mud snow and a shock absorbing one as well. IT does fold up small so you can easily throw it in your back pack when you dont need it. This is a great gift idea for your outdoors man so keep at in mind christmas is coming fast. I received this product at discount for my honest testing and review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no incentives or rewards for doing so. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, not hype the product for the manufacturer. My remarks are sincere and my own. While it is true that many items are received at discounted rates or complimentary, my reviews are completely honest and are my personal experiences with the product. Again, it is just my opinion, your own opinion might vary. I received no monetary compensation and I am not required to give a good review.

  • Bill Benton - Good Motherboard

    First off this was the second motherboard I ordered. The first was an Asus board. It was received damaged (two of the PCI locking clips were broken off by loose contents in the box). This motherboard is packaged for success. Inside the box you will find the motherboard encased in a really hard plastic case that protects the motherboard from shock and compacting damage. You could probably drop a brick on the case without rupturing it or damaging any components on the motherboard. The board fired up and posted without a hitch and works perfectly.

  • Melissa P - Great lightweight pedals for the price

    I received the pedals quickly and without damage. The original platform pedals that came with my Giant Mountain Bike were a combination of resin centers with a metal outer cage and cro-moly shafts. The pedals were OK but as I pushed the bike more and more, the pedals seemed to flex a little under my weight (200) and I needed a stronger pedal for safety. These Imrider pedals are great for the money! They are lightweight and the screw foot pegs bite into my trail shoes I wear when biking for a secure feel. The pedals are just as wide as my original pedals (standard width), but more of your foot "length" is supported by the Imrider pedals. Just remember, if you ever have to get off your bike to walk it a bit, there's a chance that you can brush your calf up against a pedal and the screw foot pegs really take a bite out of exposed soft skin. Other than that, these pedals are great for someone who wants to still keep their mountain bike with platform pedals. It's best to have a very thin 15mm wrench when assembling these pedals to your bike and some light grease. A standard Crescent wrench is just too thick. So are most box end wrenches. If you don't know anyone with a regular pedal wrench to borrow, it's best to buy an inexpensive 15mm open end wrench and grind it down thin so you can get it on the pedal flats between the pedal and the crank. I received these at a discount for an unbiased review