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  • Tori - Fit Great!

    I was going to buy WeatherTech ones but couldn't see paying almost double what these were to get all the mats for the seating. They were really easy to put in, and fit like a dream! So glad I saved the money to buy these!

  • Tech Junkie - So far so great

    I'm rating these after only a few days, but so far these are outstanding. The over-the-ear piece is very flexible and not rigid making it very comfortable for extended wearing. The inner ear piece fit comfortably and did a great job of blocking sound without giving me that pressure feeling in my ears. I used the largest buds to keep them from inserting too deep in the ear. My favorite thing, which I wasn't sure I'd like, is having all the controls on the earpiece. My previous set from a different manufacturer had the control dangling from the ear on the cord and the persistent bouncing and assymetrical design of having that on one side always caused problems pulling them out of ear when running. This pairs, that is not an issue. Minimal buttons with maximum control options and they aren't too bulky on the ear. They didn't budge through my hour long run or get uncomfortable or lose power. Sound is plenty loud enough and the sound quality is above average but not audiophile worthy. Excellent for working out. I swear a lot and had no issues. Last manufacturers didn't last more than 4 months. I will update this review if something happens. Also the included accessories were a welcome surprise. Great product(so far) and great price. Nice work.



  • Kayla - Really excited to see results.

    I have seen people using this method of teeth whitening all over social media. I am getting married next year and I want to find something that whitens my teeth before my big day. I am not patient enough for the teeth whitening strips, it seems as soon as I apply them onto my teeth I get super thirsty and hungry and want to take them off early. I was a little nervous about brushing my teeth with a black product, it didn't feel right. I used a little bit at first to make sure that I didn't have any irritation. Since I used such a small amount the first time around I didn't notice any difference. After not having any irritation with this product I used the suggested amount. I seemed to notice a little bit of difference but I can't be sure. I took some before pictures of my teeth and after I finish using this product I will be uploading them with my after pictures. I am hoping to see some awesome results. I also think that this product has a detoxifying quality because of the charcoal. I will continue using this product.

  • Sewinglady - Excellent

    Excellent! Well thought out and easy to follow. One of the best guides I have found on the market today. YES I would purchase again form this author.

  • nyrxman - Very impressed with the Securifi Almond

    The Almond did the trick for me. I am basically using it as a WiFi Extender, but because I was using it with an ethernet cable into the wall, it was a bit more difficult than advertised (3 minutes). However, I called the tech support number, and they could not have been more helpful. The person talked me through the setup as an access point, which they tell me is even better than simply a "wifi extender." I have a Time Warner Cable modem (phone + Internet) and it worked just fine without disturbing my other direct-wired CAT5 connections through the house. The TWC combo modem is in my basement and the signal just barely reached the second floor living space. Now there is absolutely no problem with every WiFi device showing a very strong reception signal on the second floor. What really impressed me was the patience of the company's technician in helping me set it up. While I am certainly not a techie, I do have a very good understanding of these things. He talked me through it and it is working perfectly. I would not hesitate to do business with this company again.

  • Robert Pennington - Good gloves, but velcro doesn't last

    I liked these gloves a lot, but disliked when the Velcro broke(adhesive failed). After riding for about a month, the Straps became useless. The straps now just dangle without purpose and gloves feel loose.