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  • Melody McCraney - Awesome strong and durable

    Stainless Steel Whisk Set, 3-Piece Baking Set of Whisks (8", 10", 12"), Classic Kitchen Utensils for Any Chef, Cook, Baker, or Home. Professional-Grade, Restaurant Quality Cooking

  • Chris Tsinondas - Works Great!!

    I noticed the power steering leak on 2001 deville so I bought 2 bottles of Lucas PS Stop Leak during the winter. I added one bottle when it was low. Still leaked a bit. My PS also was very hard to turn while parking it was almost like having no power steering at idle. So I added a second bottle, but I had to wait until it got warmer (spring) for the leak to begin to slow. Don't know if colder weather is less effective or does it take time for the product to work? Anyway after a few months later the leak is practically gone or non existant. Don't want to say yet it's completely gone, but I keep checking the reserve and it seems to be the same the week before. Not only that, the steering has greatly improved. I can now steer smoothly while parking at idle. No more rough steering and squealing while parking. Very Happy!!

  • Dawn Grant - Not effective at all.

    This stuff only received two stars because it smells good. That's where the great review stops. I bought this for my kids to use along with the shampoo and conditioner so they would stop getting lice at school. A month into the school season and my daughter already has lice. Tons of the little bugers! If you want a treatment that works go to the store, buy the green antibacterial dawn dish liquid and peppermint oil. Pour dawn on your hand and add 5 drops of oil. Foam that up and let it sit for 20 minutes. Do that twice and rinse with vinegar and water. Comb their hair and your done. They are DEAD AND GONE!

  • belladonna - Excellent

    Huge Afro Celt fan. This is a great compilation of their work over the years . Well done good listen cd