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  • Christopher Robbins - Great! Space saving, cute, travels easy

    This chair is wonderful! - so much better than those annoying enormous high chairs that reach all the way to the ground. and cheaper. It is space saving - stays neatly latched onto our island or table and is immediately usable. Doesn't take up any space. When we go to the grandparents or friends houses for dinner we can toss it in the car and bring it along. It lets her be up with us during our meals without the chair being a pain in the ass.

  • Mark Kurowski - This is a great little device

    This is a great little device, and it's been reliable so far. My car has bluetooth but only for phone calls; it has an audio jack (I guess it'd be called "line-in"). I have a cord with a plug at both ends to connect my phone to the car, but I hate plugging/unplugging it from the phone over and over, fearing it's wearing out the phone. But now, with this Aukey bluetooth receiver, I don't worry anymore. It works well for audio, and it also handles the phone calls just fine.

  • Sporty 38 - Love the button-down shirt

    This shirt is a slight larger in the chest area but fit me beautifully. I love the deep black color and looks great.

  • Asuka - The perfect gift.

    I gave this as a gift and I almost kept it for myself. :) Its not really a good travel book because it's a rather large hardcover showcasing a lot of the amazing photography from those locations, but it has the standard Lonely Planet tips on how to make the most of your vacation. I really like it and recommend it as a good gift idea for those tough ones like weddings of acquaintances and Father's Day.

  • Amazon Customer - ... his office so I think it's one of the best as you get to exercise upper & lower extremities ...

    It's what the doctor uses in his office so I think it's one of the best as you get to exercise upper & lower extremities at the same time.