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  • Amazon addict - Awesome Razor

    Now I have used many razors and until I tried the Dorco, had resigned myself to using disposable three blade razors. I received these in the mail and when I unpacked them found them to be very comfortable and ergonomic, but nothing special to write home to mom about. But when I got out of the shower and lathered up with a shave brush, here is where Dorco shines.

  • MommasAShopper - No more nail holes on my new walls! Need when house is being remodeled new

    These are great, we are currently remodeling our entire house, and the rooms the are completely done are of limits to nails in the wall/ceiling, I'm definitely the type that likes to make a house a home and by doing so I love to hang pictures and such. These are great if you cannot use nails. They're very strong and they stand up to anything I need to hang. Get these if you're one who can't put holes in your walls, you won't be disappointed and your home will feel more like home! Especially after a big remodel lol

  • Corey Walls - Working well for moderate head gasket leak after 3 days

    I had a moderate leak in my head gasket. My 4-cylinder Malibu would shudder on most start-ups, with accompanying gray smoke from the tailpipe, coolant smell in the cabin, and a gurgling sound from behind the dash. The coolant never got into the oil, only into the cylinders.

  • BurtonGull - Not impressed

    I was looking for a grooming tool that was efficient and easy to use for pets and small barnyard animals. This product just did not work well. On a positive note, the return process through Amazon was easy and the customer service on both ends was good.

  • Chanetta L Farmer - I love this product

    I love this product. It does just what it says. It has helped with my curl definition. I am really glad I tried this product it is worth the price.

  • Tmkay - Good Stuff

    Before starting All Day Energy Greens, I was already taking another "green" product in capsule form. It was expensive and had to take 6 of them at one time. When the product came it - I had to try it! I have been using this product for 7 days now and I do have more energy and I no longer have the 3pm "need to take a nap" problem. One thing that has changed in me is that I expell excess water out of my system. I have thyroid dieses and from that I have terrible edema! I have not had ANY ankle and leg swelling since using this product. If all this product does is expell my edema - then I will be using this for LIFE!

  • Woodsy Girl - Exceeded expectations!

    We liked the first set of 3 cream pillowcases so much, we ordered another set as backup. Very nice quality, plush & thick enough that the dark pillow we placed inside didn't show through, even under the pale covering. Very happy!