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City: 23.7167 , Greece

  • Amazon Customer - My favorite baby product!

    I LOVE this stroller. I love this stroller so much, that even though my son is now 12 weeks old and I've used the stroller nearly every day since he was born, every time I use it I find myself exclaiming, "I'm so glad we got this stroller!" Yes, it's an expensive stroller, but it's amazing!

  • mboahn - Horrible!!

    Horrible!!!! - 0 stars....nothing with this device works. I have a brand new laptop with windows 8. Downloaded the patch as required. Locks up every time I try to take any - couldn't get past the main screen. Sending it back.

  • Missy - Good product TERRIBLE customer service

    My husband likes this product very myuch. Has had back surgery and has 2 bulging disc's. We have had it for a few years, but have had to replace the cord twice. Be VERy careful to not tug on the cord, or the interior part where it plugs in will damage. and the cord has some delicate issues. This last time, i ordered the new cord (3 weeks ago, and STILL waiting) and have left phone message (after finally NOT getting busy signal) and sent an email request, still with NO reply. VERY very frustrated and just want to know WHERE my order is..I vote a 1 for customer service.